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Created June 11, 2023 04:13
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Download the alpha here:

Full Changelog:

Haven't kept up with the latest alphas? Check out their release notes:

Changes to packaged files

  • 3f2ce2 Remove resources/docs/Zelda_Classic_and_ZQuest_2.53_API_Specification.pdf
  • 6b2343 Remove resources/docs/zscript_manual.rtf
  • c29e6f Remove resources/ZCL-changelog.txt
  • aa3d87 Remove resources/scripts
  • b4c455 Add '255example.qst'



  • 21447f addd8a 8ad107 58d3d0 Add ability for lifted combos to be bombs
  • b08454 add 'Lift Flags' - allow disabling shield/items while lifting
  • 075935 Add QRs for lifting+scrolling/warping behavior options
  • ca30be Preliminary: allow user created portals
  • 884169 Add Trigger Groups (i.e. light all torches -> trigger secrets)
  • 1c6aad Add weapon igniting
  • f6245e eb40f0 Item display names
  • f460b4 "Newer Player Movement" (#856)
  • 13a30d Add "Locked String" to lockblocks/chests, display a string when failed to open
  • 7d0f10 Add SCC for run generic frozen script
  • c249c9 update std_functions: add LoadMapDataDM(int dmap, int scr)
  • 7b16cf Add more special draw layers
  • 82ba2f Some work related to combos+weapons (Step->Effects,Shooters)
  • ce3c0a Add generic script frozen mode triggered by combo triggers
  • 012ec9 Stop using encryption password for qst allegro packfile
  • 5304bd Remove encoding layer from qst files. This makes opening quests roughly 50% faster
  • a79f3a Support reading and saving as qsu (uncompressed file)
  • f2e5f0 Update 'example fonts'
  • 64d42a Some reworking of bombs


  • 921302 Init Data / Cheats uses item Display Name


  • d5e0eb support undo/redo for ffcs
  • 24c2ad support undo/redo for single flag placement
  • 473b50 83f286 625564 Add QR hint system to info boxes
  • dcdee8 Remove import/export options for ZQT and QSU files
  • 3c95bf Add configurable cursor color for tile/combo pages
  • 5c9416 Add symbols to font preview lipsum text
  • afdc32 New item selection list dialog
  • 8f6aff Add lift glove help text
  • ff66e1 Add tile editor visual options
  • 9caad3 Add bomb flowers to default quest
  • 4dbba1 Add radial bomb flowers to default quest


  • 2a792b Add Hitby stuff to std_constants
  • f098ea Add 'Hero->HammerState'
  • debfac Add script access types portal/savedportal
  • 246f8b Add 'npc->CanPlace()' for checking teleportation movement.
  • 2baa25 Add custom mouse script support
  • 05723f Add 'Hero->MoveXY()'/'Hero->CanMoveXY()'
  • 530f7c Lifting script access work
  • b22264 jit: compile FLOOR and CEILING


  • 5b8a6b allow configuring gfx driver for player on windows

Bug Fixes


  • 50167b Fix jwin_file_browse_ex not applying selected extension
  • 54bcde Fix some gui color issues with certain "disabled" elements
  • 6dfbcf Fix segfault in file select extension filter
  • 005870 Fix uncleared combo bitmap
  • 1ba148 Revert non-windows ignoring 'ignore monitor scale' checkbox
  • e51281 Fix zfix dobound swapping values when it shouldn't.
  • 59c413 27b421 Fix tile preview in item lister
  • 5f053f Fix vanishing text
  • 0b42b7 Frame infobutton stuff
  • 278243 Attempt Fix gui lag issues
  • db9c3d Fix allegro.log oddities / trace handling
  • d49bb1 color a5 bitmaps on init to avoid random tint


  • 4670ce copying save file should also copy replay
  • e77af5 some movement fixes and improvements
  • a13395 Fix scroll frame timing issue
  • be20d2 Never use linear scaling for game bitmap
  • 2ed468 Fix edge case bug with scroll warps and dmap script waitdraw
  • c5b367 Fix lockblocks/chests double-playing locked strings
  • 2d5e12 Fix Opening file in append mode now creates missing directories
  • dd0d45 Fix Hero->ReleaseLiftWeapon not working
  • 19979b Fix SV Ladder 'force face up' during scrolling
  • 72834b Fix facing direction affecting movement wrongly
  • 830a8a Add conveyor force-walking
  • 5dd40b Fix candle/arrow 'max per screen'
  • b966e1 'Shutters->' fixes/tweaks
  • 40e795 Fix icy pushblock interactions with block holes.
  • f79fd3 Fix ANCIENT ZQ subscreen selector bug.
  • 8f17aa Fix bad coordinates with bush ffcs
  • 81398d Fix oddities with loading save files of missing quests
  • 646eed Fix crash when missing save files
  • f741b4 Fix some CanMove stuff
  • 765eac Fix mirror portal in top left
  • 1a50e8 Fix gleeok heads not drawing correctly on first frame
  • cba517 Fix all remaining HitBy bugs (hopefully; TODO: add QR for ignoring nayru's love for HitBy)
  • cb587f Fix crash with invalid ids with npcdata
  • e75cc3 Cheat invincibility now protects from drown/pit damage
  • 2a4df0 Enemy / solid object interaction fixes
  • 5ccdfd Fix solid ffcs pushing on wraparound
  • 8c4f32 Fix 'Enemies->Item' with enemy waves interaction
  • 9975b0 Fix warpEx scrollwarp visual bug with map
  • eaf5fe Add hardcode layer 'SPLAYER_PLAYER_DRAW' to draw to player sprite layer.
  • c7aa72 Scripted enemy movement fixes
  • 03a8c9 Fix solid ffc hang
  • b305f2 Fix bad HitBy melee interactions
  • f42982 Fix enhanced music cutting out when tabbing back into the window
  • ce390d Fix layered pound blocks being hit by midair hammer
  • 07f8fe stop loading quest template to reset items
  • 3f8f62 never init from a quest template
  • 2a5734 Fix triforce + item bundles
  • 6b6744 Fix melee weapons not respecting all of HitBy's properties (UID, etc)
  • 5e26e8 Fix wrong item id check
  • 565c50 Fix dialog mouse offset at large resolutions?
  • d8f658 Fix mouse not showing during some popups
  • 0de954 Fix zc mouse showing during gameplay, setup for fancy mouse stuff.
  • f1f9c8 Fix onCredits messing up gui bitmap transparency
  • ca7839 avoid wasted computation in overpit
  • 92287c 717878 f8fa5f 01fcce improve eyeball combo during scrolling


  • 84bf0e Fix preview mode 'preview combo cycling'
  • 811622 Fix 'Show FFCs' not respecting preview mode
  • 35dd54 Fix decimals not being saved in zquest hopefully?
  • ac4d20 Fix wrong QR description
  • 820b3f Optimize slot assign; no more temp files
  • 7523dc Reduce 'do_slots' duplicate code
  • 0668a5 Allow quick slot assign
  • 2de58e Clean up ZQ errors, add fonts.dat size error message
  • ecb6b3 Fix combowizard for shooter not saving direction
  • ddc8e4 Fix Screen palette can be changed on null screens
  • 71071d Fix frame titles being visible in the wrong tabs
  • a738e8 Fix locked chest/lockblock combo wizard
  • 60761a Fix favorite combo offset on quest save
  • ef294b Item editor pickup tab revamp
  • 13bb56 Fix shallow water combo wizard
  • 77f342 Rework tile grab GUI: Fix 0xFF transparency issue, text cuttoff issue
  • b31eac Fix brush width/height when changing combo in some ways
  • c6f52b Fix minimap right offset
  • 386d15 Fix zq minimap offset
  • e92322 Fix grave/bsgrave combo wizard
  • 60efdd If DragAspect is on, force aspected xscale/yscale
  • a92a19 Fix placing ffcs not snapping to the half-grid
  • 24b134 Fix favorite combo misalign / mappage bookmark overwrite when grabbing tiles
  • 42b98a Fix max brush size being ignored by autobrush
  • 89d870 Fix combo editor CSet- and T shortcuts
  • 1d5a82 Fix combo brush when selection crossed combo page boundary
  • 3f862a Fix tile grid state when undoing dungeon/relational drawing
  • da42a8 Fix eweapon dropdown error
  • 9e528c oxford commas
  • c5f7f1 Allow prompts to show from triggers tab even when 'Button: 0'


  • fac141 Fix scripts with >8 params hanging on compile
  • a743bc Fix 'Hero->ReleaseLiftWeapon()' not compiling
  • 4671e5 Fix MAPDATACOMBOTD setter referencing combo of the wrong screen
  • bb5cef Fix string/array literal allocation error
  • 64acf7 Fix 'Game->DisabledItems[]' not updating item cache
  • fd8738 Fix bad 'dmapdata->' Get/Set functions
  • 1078cf Fix enum assignment const checks
  • 87fb4c Fix?: Script npc->MoveXY ignored solid FFCs
  • 7732f3 Fix this-> not writable in user constructor
  • df8266 Fix string/array literal allocation error for real
  • 2d30a7 update std.zh: Fix FireE/LWeapon functions
  • 0c246f jit: fail compilation if function return cannot be resolved
  • fbce61 jit: support class construction function calls
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