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Created May 18, 2012 09:49
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IE7 querySelectorAll polyfill
if (!document.querySelectorAll) {
document.querySelectorAll = function(selector) {
var doc = document,
head = doc.documentElement.firstChild,
styleTag = doc.createElement('STYLE');
doc.__qsaels = [];
styleTag.styleSheet.cssText = selector + "{x:expression(document.__qsaels.push(this))}";
window.scrollBy(0, 0);
return doc.__qsaels;
document.querySelectorAll||(document.querySelectorAll=function(a){var b=document,c=b.documentElement.firstChild,d=b.createElement("STYLE");return c.appendChild(d),b.__qsaels=[],d.styleSheet.cssText=a+"{x:expression(document.__qsaels.push(this))}",window.scrollBy(0,0),b.__qsaels});
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AliMD commented Apr 26, 2013

Error ! TypeError: Cannot set property 'cssText' of undefined

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I need support for selectors like a:not(:last-child). This polyfill doesn't help me in that area.

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abranhe commented Feb 24, 2020

This doesn't work for IE7 or down, you can still select all with jQuery.


var elements = document.querySelectorAll('.all-elements-with-this-id');


var elements = $('.all-elements-with-this-id');

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connrs commented Feb 26, 2020

I'm not massively surprised it doesn't work. This was pulled off StackOverflow 8 years ago and it worked for a limited set of scenarios that I needed when building software for clients who still used IE7. If you aren't having any luck with this then I'd recommend looking for a real alternative to this!

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