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View Cool little googlecl scripts
// List all Google Docs without the URI
g docs list | sed -E 's/(.*),[^,]*/\1/g;'
View MediaQuerySupport.js
* @author connrs
* @version 1
Object.prototype.objectType = function(){return (s_ob_type = this.toString().match(/object\s+(\w+)/)[1])?s_ob_type:'undefined'}
var MediaQuerySupport = function(d,w){
var head = d.getElementsByTagName('head')[0],
body = d.getElementsByTagName('body')[0],
date = new Date().getTime(),
View svgreplace_fyrd_original.js
replace specified images with SVG images
Written by Alexis "Fyrd" Deveria, 11/28/2007
Version 1.0
Please see for details and a demo of this script
View svgreplace_connrs.js
replace specified images with SVG images
Written by Alexis "Fyrd" Deveria, 11/28/2007
Version 1.0
Please see for details and a demo of this script
connrs / Ignore for slugs
Created Jan 20, 2011
Pinched from mariano/syrup/models/behaviors/sluggable.php for my own sluggable behaviour using CakePHP's core Inflector class to do the work
View Ignore for slugs
if (!empty($settings['ignore'])) {
$words = array();
foreach((array) $settings['ignore'] as $word) {
$words[] = preg_quote($word);
$newString = preg_replace('/\b(\s*)(' . implode('|', $words) . ')(\s*)\b/i', '\\1\\3', $string);
if (!empty($newString)) {
$string = $newString;
connrs / get_notes_for_your_services.sql
Created Jan 20, 2011
Gets all the notes left by anyone for a service that is registered as yours via Service.user_id
View get_notes_for_your_services.sql
SELECT Note.created ucreated, FROM customers Customer JOIN services Service JOIN notes Note ON ( AND WHERE (Note.user_id=1 OR Service.user_id=1)
# I really want to expand this to include notes left by anyone for a customer that has a service belonging to you (yet the note is customer specific not service specific via a HasMany relationship)
connrs / css3-media-queries-test.modernizr.js
Created Mar 14, 2011
It's not the best test in the world but it suffices for me to yepnope load the CSS3 Media Queries lib from Google Code. Will eventually look at optimising it as it's 75% copy and paste from an unknown source
View css3-media-queries-test.modernizr.js
Modernizr.addTest('css3mediaquery',function(a,b){var a=document,b='screen and (min-width: 1px)',c={},d=a.documentElement,e=a.createElement("body"),f=a.createElement("div");f.setAttribute("id","ejs-qtest"),e.appendChild(f);return function(g){if(c[g]===b){var h=a.createElement("style");h.type="text/css";var i="@media "+g+" { #ejs-qtest { position: absolute; width: 10px; } }";h.styleSheet?h.styleSheet.cssText=i:h.appendChild(a.createTextNode(i)),d.insertBefore(e,d.firstChild),d.insertBefore(h,d.firstChild),c[g]=f.offsetWidth==10,d.removeChild(e),d.removeChild(h)}return c[g]}});
connrs / gist:885314
Created Mar 24, 2011
Create multidimensional object from array of keys and a val
View gist:885314
var x = {key:['x','y','z'],val:123},
c = x.key.length,
b = false,
memo = {};
for(var y=0;y<c;y++) {
if (!b && !memo[x.key[y]]) {
memo[x.key[y]] = y<c-1 ? {} : x.val;
b = memo[x.key[y]];
} else if (!b[x.key[y]]) {
b[x.key[y]] = y<c-1 ? {} : x.val;
View paginated_collection.js
// includes bindings for fetching/fetched
PaginatedCollection = Backbone.Collection.extend({
fetch: function(options) {
options || (options = {});
var self = this,
success = options.success;
options.success = function(resp) {
if(success) { success(self, resp); }
connrs / makefile
Created Sep 30, 2011
dotfiles makefile
View makefile
@find . -iname '*.symlink' | sed -e "p;s!\./\(.*\).symlink!$(HOME)/\1!" | xargs -n2 ln -s -i
#recurses through files with .symlink on the end and creates a symlink in ~