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Tusky artwork commision
  • 4 assets
    • replacement for the elephant friend on the login page
    • one image that will be shown when there is no network connection, next to some text and a retry button
    • one image that will be shown when an error occurs, next to some text describing the error and a retry button
    • one image that will be shown on empty screens, e.g. when search returns no results, next to some text
  • should fit into Tusky/Mastodons general theme and color
    • cute elephant/mammoth? Its called Tusky for a reason
    • see bottom of this page for Tusky/Mastodon color scheme: Some examples of mastodon elephants can also be found in the press kit.
  • not too detailed (must look good on small screens like 600x400px)
  • must look good on light (#f4f4f4) and dark background (#282c37)
    • if not possible, two variants of each asset are also acceptable
  • should be delivered as vector files or high-res uncompressed bitmap files (must look sharp on large tablets)
  • will be published under an open source license that allows others to reuse the artwork noncommercially
  • see material design guidelines for description of empty states ->

examples of pages where the assets will be shown:

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