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Updating the firmware on your NodeWatch/Bangle.js

Updating the firmware on your NodeWatch/Bangle.js

Hi Banglers,

We hope you've been having fun experimenting with your Bangle.js and wanted to let you know about some important updates to the software for it.

The version of software on your Bangle.js is a very early release and has been improved hugely since November. Some of you may have encountered bugs with the middle button or find that some of the newer Apps on don't work as they should.

Updating the software will solve these issues and get you access to new apps such as early Gadgetbridge integration for Android phone notifications.

The entire process should take about 5-6 minutes and you can re-run it at any time to get the latest version/fixes.

Please follow these steps and let me know if you run into any issues updating.

  • Install NRF Connect on your phone (iOS here and Android here)
  • Long-hold BTN1 and BTN2 until the watch restarts. Keep holding until you see a growing "===" progress bar. Then release both buttons.
  • You should see "DFU started" on the display. If you see a Bangle.js logo or the clock, it didn't succeed, so just repeat step 2.
  • Download the latest Bangle.js firmware on to your phone from here (select Bangle.js from the dropdown)
  • Run NRF Connect and you should see the DfuTarg device listed after a few seconds
  • Tap the black Connect button for DfuTarg
  • On the resulting screen, tap the small DFU icon in the circle in the top right of the phone screen
  • Make sure "Distribution Packet (ZIP)" is selected and tap OK
  • Browse to the firmware zip file you downloaded above
  • The file will start uploading to the watch with a progress counter
  • < 5 mins later and everything should now be updated
  • Finally run the GPSTime app and go outside to get time sync.

You'll also find links to lots of useful information about using and programming your Bangle.js on the Espruino forum here and you can install lots of apps over on


Conor O'Neill (

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