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Alexander Shvedov controlflow

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yevhen / gist:5199613
Created Mar 19, 2013
The concept of message handling Component and the example of message handler chaining via functional composition
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/* somewhere in your Core.CQRS */
// Base class for all ES-based aggregate command handling components;
// NOTE: "Component" is a logical grouping of message handlers by function
// They provide good place to encapsulate chaining of cross-cutting concerns
// into a pipeline, providing simplified helper methods for registration of message handlers
// Components are similar to Services, thus they only contain handlers of single type (ie Command Handlers only)
// Components operate on envelope (infrastructure) level
leppie / gist:6935622
Created Oct 11, 2013
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public static XYZ Normalize(this XYZ c, [CallerMemberName] string caller = "")
public static XYZ Normalize(this XYZ c)
#if DEBUG // completely needless
Debug.Print("normalizing: {0} called from: {1}", c, caller);
return new XYZ
controlflow / gist:7804901
Created Dec 5, 2013
How C# lambdas with a single ref-type immutable closure can be optimized
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using System;
static class LiftingClosureToDelegateTarget {
static void Main() {
// normal lambda
var str = GetString();
Func<string> f = () => str;
controlflow / gist:7846397
Last active Dec 30, 2015
Boolean solver via C# overload resolution
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static class BooleanSolver {
class T {
public static T operator |(T x, T y) => null;
public static T operator |(T x, F y) => null;
public static T operator &(T x, T y) => null;
public static F operator &(T x, F y) => null;
public static F operator !(T x) => null;
class F {
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class Program
// What argument do you need to provide to this method so that it returns true?
public static bool AreYouNuts<T>(T[] array)
if (array == null || array.Length == 0)
return false;
var local = (T[]) array.Clone();
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using System;
using N; // This using directive is unused, but cannot be simply removed
static class C
static void Ex(this string x) { }
static void Foo(Action<string> x, int y) { }
static void Foo(Action<string> x, string y) { }
static void Foo(Action<string> x, object y) { }
static void Foo(Action<int> x, int y) { }
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using System;
unsafe struct S
public void* ptr;
public object obj;
static void Main()
S s = default(S);
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using System;
class Base
private string x = "x".Print();
class Derived : Base
private string y = "y".Print();
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using System;
using System.Runtime.InteropServices;
class Program
static void Main()
dynamic calc = Activator.CreateInstance(Marshal.GetTypeFromCLSID(new Guid(148736, 0, 0, 192, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 70)));
SLaks / UltimateEvil.cs
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Run this code as 32 bit and 64 bit, and explain why it crashes on 32-bit
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using System;
using System.ComponentModel;
using System.Linq;
class Program {
static void Main(string[] args) {
Console.WriteLine("Attributes: " + typeof(Program)
.SelectMany(m => m.GetCustomAttributes(true))