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100 router match iterations

These changes would allow you to ensure that useCache = false for the loadModules, loadDb, and saveCache calls.

Now, I have no idea how useCache = true could possible be set this early in the request flow as the only thing I can see that sets it is a successful call to Mage_Core_Model_Config::loadModulesCache, which if you look at your stack trace is obviously returning false :/ My 100 router fix as discussed in this write the above is all based around the fact that generating the config with useCache = true is a real killer. So, I'd pop this into your Magento instance to make absolutely sure that useCache = false for this bit of code.

protected function _initModules()
if (!$this->_config->loadModulesCache()) {
// Hacks start here!
// Hacks end here!
if ($this->_config->isLocalConfigLoaded() && !$this->_shouldSkipProcessModulesUpdates()) {
return $this;
public function setUseCache($bool)
$this->_useCache = (bool) $bool;
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