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Ferran Cabrer i Vilagut
El Poble Sec, 08004 Barcelona, Catalunya
ferran @ cabrer . cat
ferran . cabrer @ gmail . com
ferran . cabrer @ MUFICATA . net
ferran . cabrer @ 110 . cat
consen @ consen . org
coopeu @
Gender : Male | Date of birth 03/30/1958
Driving Licenses : A1/A2 and B (motos & cars)
Available IT Freelancer
Dates and occupation/position held:
- From February 2016
Expert Evaluator of the Executive Research Agency (REA) of European Commission (EC)
- From July 1997
MUFICATA SL (CEO) Research, Technological Development and Innovation of the Information Society Technologies at European level. Since 2002 to 2013, working on eight European projects in Information Society Technologies.
- From 2004 to 2006
CONSEN Euro-Group EEIG (Promoter and President) carrying out activities and responsibilities, as the Promotion and Direction of European Cooperation Communities and Research Projects in Information Society Technologies.
- From 10/2000 to 10/2002
GECSA Knowledge Management (Project manager) Diverse projects of banks and corporations Portals, as Caixa de Sabadell, Intranets, Learning and Knowledge Management systems. Participation in EU-FP5 IP MetaCampus elearning market.
- From 1999 to 10/2000
Getronics: (European Consultant) Rengineering Information and Communication consultant services, management of diverse portal and eBusiness projects, as Port de Barcelona and Diputació de Lleida portal. Internet and information and communication technologies teacher.
- From 1998 to 1999
Organization GUVER SA (Information and communication project manager) Project of eCommerce for Online Insurance company.
- From 1996 to 1998
APIP Association of Professional Insertion and Inclusion (President secretary) Secretariat and Administration of course Content production and administrative projects coordination. Responsible of IT and informatization of all regional offices.
- From 1993 to 1996
Multifinancial Capital s.l. (CEO) Corporate Finance, Merge and Acquisitions, and Financial and Enterprise management consulting.
- From 1991 to 1993
TOP5 s.l. (CEO) Manufacturing and distribution of own-patented scooter accessories
- From 1987 to 1991
LAINCO s.a. (Agrochemical Research and development Director) research, development and Management of a wide catalogue of agricultural and phito-sanitary products at National level.
- From 1986 to 1987
Generalitat of Catalonia (Technical Assistant) Supervision of crops and official test of efficiency of phito-pharmaceutical products Crops in Tarragona Territorial Delegation in the Agriculture Department.
- Dates 1991
Master in Mangement of Small and Medium Enterprises by Economist Bar Association of Catatonia
- Dates 1986
Agricultural/Agronomist Engineer by High School of Agronomist Engineers of Lleida (UPC, ETSEALL).
- Dates 1983
Agricultural Technical Engineer by University School of Agriculture Technical Engineers of Barcelona (UPC, EUETAB the current ESAB)
- Dates 1981
Industrial Technical Engineer (first cycle) by High Technical School of Industrial Engineer of Barcelona (UPC, ETSEIB).
Native: Catalan – Castilian (Spanish)
English : Global self-evaluation: B1 Independent user
French : Global self-evaluation: B1 Independent user
Italian : Global self-evaluation: A2 Basic user
Elance: JobPortal Ruby on Rails + Semantic-UI, working on:
[SOCIAL-PADEL] project (RoR) working on:
FCV portfolio: Simple Boostrap Exercise:
Redditx2. Links website:
BOOKSTORE website RoR app exercise:
[] project. DRUPAL+theme:
MyRecipes. Simple RoR exercise:
Simple CMS. RoR execise:
Xat messaging. Simple RoR exercise:
Simple BLOG. RoR exercise:
rBlog 2 colums posts. RoR exercise.
MUFICATA RTDI SL. Company website (DRUPAL):
CONSEN Euro-Group EEIG. organisation website (DRUPAL):
Ferran Cabrer i Vilagut. My personal website (DRUPAL):
Sports. I am a member of a local CN Montjuïc Tennis club of Barcelona and in my spare time, if I can and the weather allows it, I play tennis/paddle, or jogging and swimming. In the last years, I've run three BCN marathon courses so far.
Hobbies. I enjoy a lot gardening, nowadays in a small cottage in the Delta de l'Ebre, and travelling with my family having spent some summers across Europe.
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