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@coorasse coorasse/main.js
Last active Feb 6, 2018

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Bitbucket Codeship PullRequest integration script
$(function() {
var bitbucket_project_name = 'YOUR BITBUCKET PROJECT_NAME LIKE coorasse/airesis';
var codeship_project_code = 'YOUR CODESHIPO PROJECT UUID CODE (look for it in the badge instructions page or general settings page)';
var regexp = new RegExp("^" + bitbucket_project_name + "/pull-request/","g");
if ((regexp).test(window.location.href)) {
var branch = $('dd.unabridged a').first().html();
var url = ''+codeship_project_code+'/status?branch='+branch;
var row = $('<div></div>')
var column1 = $('<dt>Codeship</dt>');
var column2 = $('<dd><img src="'+url+'"/></dd>');

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commented Jun 22, 2015

I wrote this script since the only way to integrate Codeship and Bitbucket, until today, was to follow this guide.
I didn't want to install an Heroku app just to see a badge on my Pull Request page on Bitbucket and since I already had plugin for my browser ready to inject javascript in pages I wrote this simple script.

  • fill in the bitbucket project name (with your username included)
  • fill in the codeship project UUID code (the one you see in the badge url or the codeship project general settings page)
  • inject the script in bitbucket page with your favourite plugin
  • see your badge!
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