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A Fabric fabfile that allows you to check which packages are not like the others on a set of servers.
from __future__ import with_statement
from fabric.api import env, run, settings, hide
from fabric.decorators import hosts, runs_once
venv = "/home/websites/.virtualenvs/twtv3/"
env.user = 'webdev'
env.hosts = [
def _get_package_list():
Get the list of currently installed packages and versions via pip freeze
with settings(
hide('warnings', 'running', 'stdout', 'stderr'),
return run("%sbin/pip freeze -l" % venv)
def _process_packages(packages):
Convert the packages datastructure into the multiple versions and missing
servers lists and output the result
multi_versions = {}
missing_servers = []
for package, versions in packages.items():
if len(versions.keys()) > 1:
# There is more than one version installed on the servers
multi_versions[package] = versions
elif len(versions[versions.keys()[0]]) != len(env.hosts):
# The package is not installed on all the servers
missing_hosts = set(env.hosts) - set(versions[versions.keys()[0]])
"%s: %s" % (package, ", ".join(missing_hosts))
if missing_servers or multi_versions:
print ""
print "Packages out-of-sync:"
if multi_versions:
print ""
print "Multiple versions found of these packages:"
for package, versions in multi_versions.items():
print package
for ver, servers in versions.items():
print " %s: %s" % (ver, ", ".join(servers))
if missing_servers:
print ""
print "These packages are missing on these servers:"
for item in missing_servers:
print item
def check_package_versions():
Check the versions of all the packages on all the servers and print out
the out of sync packages
packages = {}
for host in env.hosts:
with settings(host_string=host):
print "Getting packages on %s" % host
result = _get_package_list()
pkg_list = result.splitlines()
for package in pkg_list:
if package.startswith("-e"):
version, pkg = package.split("#egg=")
pkg, version = package.split("==")
if pkg not in packages:
packages[pkg] = {}
if version not in packages[pkg]:
packages[pkg][version] = []
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