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Matthew Johnson copperlight

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import bz2
import fnmatch
import gzip
import os
import re
from typing import Callable, Generator, List, Optional, Pattern, Tuple
Generators for building log processing pipelines.
copperlight /
Last active Aug 19, 2019
Raspbian Stretch ALSA Config for PyAudio
copperlight /
Last active Aug 17, 2019
Install Python 3.7 on Raspbian Stretch
sudo apt-get install screen
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description = "list remote branches"
command = "git branch -r"
output = ""
description = "list all local and remote branches"
command = "git branch -a"
output = ""
copperlight / .bashrc
Created Aug 11, 2016
Window Subsystem for Linux ssh-agent Configuraton
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# ... more above ...
# wsfl bash is not a login shell
if [ -d "$HOME/bin" ] ; then
# ssh-agent configuration
if [ -z "$(pgrep ssh-agent)" ]; then
rm -rf /tmp/ssh-*
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Last active Jun 8, 2016 — forked from ourway/
Running a bottle app with gunicorn
from bottle import Bottle
app = Bottle()
def index():
'''test me'''
return '<h1>Hello Bottle!</h1>''localhost', port=8080, server='gunicorn', reload=True, workers=4, debug=True)
def diamond(width, offset):
for w in (range(1, width) + range(width, 0, -1))[::2]:
print " " * offset,
print " " * int((width - w) / 2),
print "x" * w
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(defn fizzbuzz [start end]
(doseq [n (range start end)]
(zero? (mod n 15)) (println "FizzBuzz")
(zero? (mod n 5)) (println "Buzz")
(zero? (mod n 3)) (println "Fizz")
:else (println n))))
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(defn diamond [width offset]
(doseq [w (take-nth 2 (concat (range 1 width) (range width 0 -1)))]
(print (apply str (repeat offset " ")))
(print (apply str (repeat (/ (- width w) 2) " ")))
(print (apply str (repeat w "x")))