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Created Mar 10, 2014
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Go source formatter for ACME editor
# Copyright: (c) Vasudev Kamath <>, 2014 under the
# terms and conditions of MIT/Expat.
tmp=$(mktemp --tmpdir=$(pwd))
etmp=$(mktemp --tmpdir=$(pwd))
cleanup() {
rm -f "$tmp" "$etmp"
trap cleanup 0 INT QUIT
9p read acme/$winid/body | gofmt >"$tmp" 2>"$etmp"
if [ $(wc -l "$etmp" | awk '{print $1}') -eq 0 ]; then
if ! $(9p read acme/$winid/body | cmp $tmp /dev/stdin); then
echo -n "1,$" | 9p write acme/$winid/addr
cat $tmp | 9p write acme/$winid/data
echo -n '#0' | 9p write acme/$winid/addr
# error occured lets write the error window
cat "$etmp" | 9p write acme/new/body
last=$(9p ls acme | sort -g | tail -n 1)
echo -n "clean" | 9p write acme/$last/ctl
echo -n "0,0" | 9p write acme/$last/addr
echo -n "dot=addr" | 9p write acme/$last/ctl
echo -n "show" | 9p write acme/$last/ctl
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