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Sublime Text - Tools > Build System > New Build System

Build Tools for Sublimetext

  • Add new build systems via Tools > Build System > New Build System.
  • Save files as Language.sublime-build
  • Any commandline tool for compiling code can be used.
  • Cmd + B (OSX) will build files and send output to the Sublime Console

Example Files

Submlime Examples

Sublime Settings

Here you can see where to create new builds and to setup automatic build types. Sublime Build Menu

// Sublime Text - Build System for Javascript
"cmd": ["node", "$file"],
"selector": "source.js"
// Sublime Text - Build System for PHP
"cmd": ["php", "$file"],
"selector": "source.php"
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Saurabh7339 commented Oct 15, 2020

hey Folks, i was trying to use javascript for Competitive Programming . i can't find a way to take the input . I came across readline() function but this is not working in sublime-text3 . please help !

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alirezatc commented Feb 26, 2021

Where should we save the file in (macOS)?

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