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Jason Travis corburn

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I hereby claim:

  • I am corburn on github.
  • I am corburn ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key ASDF87yJtiwEqaVsCUCJBKN5Xxyo4lekGrK_8Ra4b7fMxAo

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corburn /
Created Sep 19, 2018 — forked from mlafeldt/
Example Postmortem from SRE book, pp. 487-491

Shakespeare Sonnet++ Postmortem (incident #465)




  • jennifer
  • martym
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var query = 'gopher';
fetch('/large.csv').then(function(response) {
var reader = response.body.getReader();
var partialRecord = '';
var decoder = new TextDecoder();
function search() {
return {
partialRecord += decoder.decodde(result.value || new Uint8Array, { stream: !result.done });
// query logic...
corburn /
Last active Dec 5, 2017
Installing Arch Linux with an encrypted btrfs root, GPT, and UEFI
# UEFI Shell
mount fs01 usb
dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/nvme0n1
corburn / pre-commit
Created Jan 24, 2017
git pre-commit hook to lint .travis.yml using
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# A hook to check for lint warnings when .travis.yml is modified
# by uploading it to
# A similar result could be achieved by uploading the configuration
# to before commiting.
# Redirect output to stderr.
exec 1>&2
View Arch Linux step-by-step installation on btrfs
= Arch Linux step-by-step installation =
= =
== Boot the installation CD ==
== Create partition ==
cfdisk /dev/sda
* Create a partition with code 8300 (Linux)

to obtain all the diagnostics required by the standard, you should also specify -pedantic (or -pedantic-errors if you want them to be errors rather than warnings). See Options Controlling C Dialect.

An amendment to the 1990 standard was published in 1995. This amendment added digraphs and __STDC_VERSION__ to the language, but otherwise concerned the library. This amendment is commonly known as AMD1; the amended standard is sometimes known as C94 or C95. To select this standard in GCC, use the option -std=iso9899:199409 (with, as for other standard versions, -pedantic to receive all required diagnostics).

Conforming Freestanding Library

// The ISO C standard defines (in clause 4) two classes of conforming implementation.
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function ListOfTenThings() {
return (
<Repeat numTimes={10}>
{(index) => <div key={index}>This is item {index} in the list</div>}
// Calls the children callback numTimes to produce a repeated component
function Repeat(props) {

DNA-DNA Hybridization


Restriction Enzyme Digestion Profiles


Genetic Mapping

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