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CoreSpider - Export Excel in ASP .NET MVC - Controller
public ActionResult Index()
return View(GetCustomer());
public dynamic GetCustomer()
return new List<Customer>()
new Customer{ CustomerId=001, CustomerName="John Smith", CustomerAddress="USA", CustomerMobile="7854378560" },
new Customer{ CustomerId=002, CustomerName="Lori orona", CustomerAddress="UK", CustomerMobile="3484767830" },
new Customer{ CustomerId=003, CustomerName="Aakash Singh", CustomerAddress="India", CustomerMobile="6484789045" },
new Customer{ CustomerId=004, CustomerName="Alex Hex", CustomerAddress="Finland", CustomerMobile="2746789045" },
new Customer{ CustomerId=005, CustomerName="Albie Michell", CustomerAddress="USA", CustomerMobile="7643897640" },
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