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View gist:416771db010803cc71344fb30140dc71
make docker.up
COMPOSE_SUFFIX="local" docker-compose build --parallel
Building website ...
Building website
ERROR: for website Credentials store docker-credential-desktop exited with "error listing credentials - err: exit status 1, out: `The specified item could not be found in the keychain.`".
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "site-packages/dockerpycreds/", line 80, in _execute
File "", line 356, in check_output
File "", line 438, in run
View gist:b912760b0e43672de6bdb7a191bc2f14
➜ cbdc-next git:(cswd-149.storybook.ui.components) rm -rf node_modules yarn.lock
➜ cbdc-next git:(cswd-149.storybook.ui.components) ✗ yarn install
yarn install v1.16.0
info No lockfile found.
[1/4] 🔍 Resolving packages...
warning auth0-js > superagent@3.8.3: Please note that v5.0.1+ of superagent removes User-Agent header by default, therefore you may need to add it yourself (e.g. GitHub blocks requests without a User-Agent header). This notice will go away with v5.0.2+ once it is released.
warning @storybook/react > @storybook/core > @storybook/ui > recompose > fbjs > core-js@1.2.7: core-js@<2.6.8 is no longer maintained. Please, upgrade to core-js@3 or at least to actual version of core-js@2.
warning jest > jest-cli > jest-config > jest-environment-jsdom > jsdom > left-pad@1.3.0: use String.prototype.padStart()
[2/4] 🚚 Fetching packages...
[3/4] 🔗 Linking dependencies...
View odo-component-create
title "odo create component flow (ex: nodejs)"
actor User
boundary "<odo/cli/component>\ncreate" as odo
entity "<pkg/application/component>\ncomponent" as comp
entity "<pkg/occlient>\nocclient" as occlient
entity "<os/client-go>\nAPI" as osclient
entity "<k8s/client-go>\nAPI" as k8sclient
View gist:98754977ceb56bb0f8fed444b59232b9
build-tool-detector git:(master) > make build
grep: .gofmt_exclude: No such file or directory
building /Users/corinne/workspace/go/src/
/Users/corinne/.gvm/gos/go1.11.2/bin/go build -v -ldflags "-X -X`date -u '+%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ'`" -o /Users/corinne/workspace/go/src/
../fabric8-common/goamiddleware/jwt_token_context.go:12:2: cannot find package "" in any of:
/Users/corinne/.gvm/gos/go1.11.2/src/ (from $GOROOT)
/Users/corinne/workspace/go/src/ (from $GOPATH)
log/log.go:14:2: cannot find package "" in any of:
/Users/corinne/.gvm/gos/go1.11.2/src/ (from $GO
View test2_os4install
➜ minishit_virtualbox_0.9.1> sudo cat /tmp/coredns.log
2019-02-05T11:21:29.526+01:00 [INFO] CoreDNS-1.3.0
2019-02-05T11:21:29.526+01:00 [INFO] darwin/amd64, go1.11.4, c8f0e94
darwin/amd64, go1.11.4, c8f0e94
2019-02-05T11:21:29.640+01:00 [INFO] - 64371 "AAAA IN udp 38 false 512" NOERROR qr,aa,rd,ra 112 0.003043718s
2019-02-05T11:21:29.640+01:00 [INFO] - 34212 "A IN udp 38 false 512" NOERROR qr,aa,rd,ra 74 0.003049418s
2019-02-05T11:21:30.295+01:00 [INFO] - 55187 "AAAA IN udp 38 false 512" NOERROR qr,aa,rd,ra 112 0.000103034s
View OS4installer.txt
➜ minishit_virtualbox_0.9.1> sudo cat /tmp/coredns.log
listen tcp :53: bind: permission denied
➜ minishit_virtualbox_0.9.1> scutil --dns
DNS configuration
resolver #1
search domain[0] : home

Install Strimzi on Minishift

  • start minishift with a profile named kafka

on macOS

minishift --profile kafka start --vm-driver=xhyve --memory=7000 --cpus=4 --disk-size=50g

on linux

View gist:eac1f777b1266ae054e72e29fd33f202
26 09 2018 11:32:48.215:DEBUG [preprocessor.coverage]: Processing "/Users/corinne/workspace/devtools/fabric8-ui/config/spec-bundle.js".
⚠ 「wdm」:
ℹ 「wdm」: Compiled with warnings.
26 09 2018 11:36:14.763:INFO [karma]: Karma v3.0.0 server started at
26 09 2018 11:36:14.763:INFO [launcher]: Launching browser ChromeHeadlessNoSandbox with unlimited concurrency
26 09 2018 11:36:14.971:INFO [launcher]: Starting browser ChromeHeadless
26 09 2018 11:36:14.971:DEBUG [temp-dir]: Creating temp dir at /var/folders/hc/h07f1j751137jp81w2cplm280000gn/T/karma-38224351
26 09 2018 11:36:14.977:DEBUG [launcher]: /Applications/Google Chrome --user-data-dir=/var/folders/hc/h07f1j751137jp81w2cplm280000gn/T/karma-38224351 --no-default-browser-check --no-first-run --disable-default-apps --disable-popup-blocking --disable-translate --disable-background-timer-throttling --disable-renderer-backgrounding --disable-device-discovery-notifications --no-sandbox http://localhost:987
View gist:7d653e57b3f16a7b656b95a23cdf6a00
============= RXJS Warning in upgrade branch =========
➜ fabric8-ui git:(upgrade) ✗ npm run build
WARNING in ./node_modules/rxjs-compat/add/observable/from.js
Module Warning (from ./node_modules/source-map-loader/index.js):
(Emitted value instead of an instance of Error) Cannot find source file '../../src/compat/add/observable/from.ts': Error: Can't resolve '../../src/compat/add/observable/from.ts' in '/Users/corinne/workspace/devtools/tmp/fabric8-ui/node_modules/rxjs-compat/add/observable'
@ ./node_modules/rxjs/add/observable/from.js 3:0-42
@ ./node_modules/fabric8-planner/node_modules/ngx-bootstrap/typeahead/typeahead.directive.js
@ ./node_modules/fabric8-planner/node_modules/ngx-bootstrap/typeahead/typeahead.module.js
@ ./node_modules/fabric8-planner/node_modules/ngx-bootstrap/index.js
View gist:abceb1fed757939e038d2c2df0b78378
=============================== Issue with nom run test:unit =========================================
➜ fabric8-ui git:(upgrade) ✗ npm run test:unit
> fabric8-ui@0.0.0-development test:unit /Users/corinne/workspace/devtools/fabric8-ui
> karma start
✖ 「wdm」:
ERROR in /Users/corinne/workspace/devtools/fabric8-ui/src/a-runtime-console/kubernetes/store/oauth-config-store.spec.ts
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