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Last active August 29, 2015 14:17
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Windows Phone 8 function to rate an App. Add this near the bottom of your MainPage class.
/// <summary>Called by Lua when it is requesting a login popup to be shown.</summary>
/// <param name="sender">The CoronaRuntimeEnvironment that dispatched this event.</param>
/// <param name="e">Provides the Lua vent table's fields/properties.</param>
/// <returns>Returns a boxed object to Lua.</returns>
private CoronaLabs.Corona.WinRT.ICoronaBoxedData rateApp(
CoronaLabs.Corona.WinRT.CoronaRuntimeEnvironment sender,
CoronaLabs.Corona.WinRT.CoronaLuaEventArgs e)
MarketplaceReviewTask marketplaceReviewTask = new MarketplaceReviewTask();
// This returns nil to Lua.
return null;
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