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Dependencies for React Auth0 on Pluralsight - Last Updated 11/30/2018
npm install auth0-js@9.8.0 auth0-lock@11.10.0 express@4.16.3 express-jwt@5.3.1 express-jwt-authz@1.0.0 jwks-rsa@1.3.0 npm-run-all@4.1.3 react-router-dom@4.3.1

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coryhouse commented Sep 30, 2018

So what do these packages do?

Package Description
auth0-js Auth0 client side library
auth0-lock Auth0 embedded lock widget
express Quickly create APIs in Node
express-jwt Validate JWTs
express-jwt-authz Validate JWT scopes
jwks-rsa Generate RSA keys for JWTs
npm-run-all Run npm scripts in parallel
react-router-dom Routing for React
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