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Building Apps with React Redux on Pluralsight - 2019 Course Updates

Enhancements and changes

  1. Upgraded to React 16.8, React Router 5, Babel 7, Webpack 4
  2. Hooks
  3. Optimistic delete example
  4. Middleware coverage
  5. Async/await coverage
  6. Using json-server instead of homemade mock API
  7. Centralized API proxy and utils
  8. Immer coverage
  9. Webpack-bundle-analyzer
  10. Coverage on Object form of mapDispatchToProps
  11. Switch from Object.assign to object spread throughout
  12. Switch from Mocha to Jest (which streamlined test setup)
  13. Switch to react-toastify for notifications
  14. Tests use fetch-mock to hit a real API
  15. Add html-webpack-plugin
  16. Enhanced loading state handling
  17. Added coverage for react-testing-library
  18. Add example of component factory pattern in tests
  19. Created centralized mock data for use in mock APIs and tests
  20. Use VS Code
  21. Use Prettier
  22. Added realistic, layered error handling
  23. Streamlined npm scripts
  24. Replaced Express with WebpackDevServer
  25. Simplified ESLint config
  26. Added Redux dev tool coverage
  27. Added a 404 page
  28. Moved Babel and ESLint configs to package.json to avoid hidden file problems
  29. Eliminated babel-node for speed - Node has sufficient ES6 support as of Node 6
  30. Switched to class properties for binding and state in classes
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