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Clean up older versions of charts from chartmuseum
#!/usr/bin/env python3
import os
import yaml
import requests
CHARTMUSEUM_URL = 'https://your.chartmuseum.url'
def get_all_chart_versions():
Downloads the chartmuseum index and parses it into a list of (chart, version) tuples
response = requests.get(f'{CHARTMUSEUM_URL}/index.yaml')
index_yaml = yaml.safe_load(response.content)
entries = index_yaml.get('entries', {}).values()
chart_versions = [
(chart.get('name'), chart.get('version'),)
for chart_versions in entries
for chart in chart_versions]
return chart_versions
def delete_chart_version(name, version):
Deletes a version of a chart from chartmuseum
# FIXME add http basic auth credentials to properly delete
response = requests.delete(f'{CHARTMUSEUM_URL}/api/charts/{name}/{version}')
return response.ok and b'{"deleted":true}' == response.content
def get_referenced_chart_versions():
Obtain a list of all chart versions that are referred to by any environment
We don't want to delete from chartmuseum the versions of charts that are
active and referenced or we'd risk breaking something.
We do this by collecting all requirements.yaml files we want to check
into a local `./requirements` folder.
yaml_req_files = []
with os.scandir('./requirements') as filenames:
for file in filenames:
if file.is_file():
used_chart_versions = []
for req in yaml_req_files:
with open(req, 'r') as req_file:
req_file_yaml = yaml.safe_load(req_file)
deps = req_file_yaml.get('dependencies', [])
for dep in deps:
used_chart_versions.append((dep.get('name'), dep.get('version'),))
return used_chart_versions
if __name__ == "__main__":
all_published_charts = get_all_chart_versions()
referenced_charts = get_referenced_chart_versions()
candidates_for_deletion = list(set(all_published_charts) - set(referenced_charts))
for name, version in candidates_for_deletion:
print(name, "\t", version)
# delete_chart_version(name, version)
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