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// See
(function(global) {
// Maintain a map of already-encountered types for super-fast lookups. This
// serves the dual purpose of being an object from which to use the function
// Object.prototype.toString for retrieving an object's [[Class]].
var types = {};
// Return a useful value based on a passed object's [[Class]] (when possible).
Object.toType = function(obj) {
var key;
// If the object is null, return "Null" (IE <= 8)
return obj === null ? "Null"
// If the object is undefined, return "Undefined" (IE <= 8)
: obj == null ? "Undefined"
// If the object is the global object, return "Global"
: obj === global ? "Global"
// Otherwise return the XXXXX part of the full [object XXXXX] value, from
// cache if possible.
: types[key =] || (types[key] = key.slice(8, -1));

cowboy commented Aug 8, 2011

See this JSFiddle example.

jdalton commented Aug 8, 2011

I dig the Global check. Imma add that to my projects that have similar methods. I will post a link when I update it to detect global on server-side enviros too.

angus-c commented Aug 9, 2011

yeah good call on the IE7 / IE8 undefined/null issue (your second "// If the object is undefined, return "Null" (IE <= 8)" is wrong :-)

jd - I did the global check in my original article too :-;

jdalton commented Aug 9, 2011

@angus-c You win double internets \o/


cowboy commented Aug 9, 2011

@angus-c why is it wrong? If obj === null then obj is null. If that check fails, if obj == null then obj must be undefined.

angus-c commented Aug 9, 2011


cowboy commented Aug 9, 2011

@angus-c hahaha thanks, fixed! I think I need more sleep.

I know this is ancient code, but for anyone stumbling on this today (mid 2014), note that PhantomJS currently returns "DomWindow" for both undefined and null (it's a known bug, but still)

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