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jQuery Tiny Pub/Sub: A really, really, REALLY tiny pub/sub implementation for jQuery.
/* jQuery Tiny Pub/Sub - v0.7 - 10/27/2011
* Copyright (c) 2011 "Cowboy" Ben Alman; Licensed MIT, GPL */
(function($) {
var o = $({});
$.subscribe = function() {
o.on.apply(o, arguments);
$.unsubscribe = function() {, arguments);
$.publish = function() {
o.trigger.apply(o, arguments);
/* jQuery Tiny Pub/Sub - v0.7 - 10/27/2011
* Copyright (c) 2011 "Cowboy" Ben Alman; Licensed MIT, GPL */
(function(a){var b=a({});a.subscribe=function(){b.on.apply(b,arguments)},a.unsubscribe=function(){,arguments)},a.publish=function(){b.trigger.apply(b,arguments)}})(jQuery)
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gmanish commented Dec 4, 2015

I know some javascript and little of jQuery (been playing with Ember, just for fun). I understand the on off methods, but I do not understand what var o = $({}); does. Can anyone please explain?

As always, google doesn't consider these braces and the $ in its search results.

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shshaw commented Apr 14, 2016

@gmanish var o = $({}) simply creates a jQuery collection with an empty object {} that becomes the recipient of all the event triggers. As other comments show, the recipient could be anything like $('<b />').

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Kiodaddy commented Jun 20, 2017

I am telling you this is working really good.

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ahmed-musallam commented Aug 31, 2017

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lanikane commented Aug 16, 2022

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Rosendamans commented Aug 22, 2022

I suppose I should pose that issue on a Zepto forum, but I thought someone might have a workaround here. awnings near me Toms River NJ

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joanadavidson commented Sep 15, 2022

Zepto only makes use of the DOM-based event system so there's no way to get a real empty element to work as the global pub/sub-object. We might as well use ("").

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biano22 commented Sep 29, 2022

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