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Charles Lowell cowboyd

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cowboyd / main.js
Created Nov 29, 2021
Effection Workers
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const { once, spawn, main, on, createChannel } = require('effection');
const { Worker } = require('worker_threads');
main(function* () {
const worker1 = yield createWorker('./worker1.js');
const worker2 = yield createWorker('./worker2.js');
yield spawn(function*() {
const interval = setInterval(() => {
worker2.worker.postMessage({ t: 'getValue' }); // ticker
cowboyd / 1-click-to-load.js
Last active Nov 15, 2021
Handle a stream of clicks by canceling the latest one
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* Implements an operation to fetch the data as described in
* The "winner" is unambiguous. It is the request corresponding to the latest click, guaranteed.
* Other important things to note:
* 1. The HTTP request is cancelled every time along with its containing task
* 2. click listener is removed automatically at the end of the `clickToLoad` operation
* 3. The cancellation logic is explicit here to demonstrate the concept, but it can easily be abstracted into a separate
*. function. See the `click-to-load-HOF` example below
cowboyd / graphgen-relay.ts
Created Sep 28, 2021
Creating a Relay page from a graphgen edge type
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import { Vertex } from '@frontside/graphgen';
export interface PageArgs {
first?: number;
before?: string;
last?: number;
after: string;
export interface PageInfo {
cowboyd / spawn-point.ts
Last active Sep 23, 2021
Creating a spawn point that will enqueue a build
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import { createQueue, main, on, Operation, Resource } from 'effection';
import { daemon, exec, Process } from '@effection/process';
import { watch } from 'chokidar';
main(function*() {
let watcher = watch('./src/**/*.ts', { ignoreInitial: true, ignored: 'dist' });
try {
let build = yield createSpawnPoint(start);
cowboyd / debug.ts
Last active May 21, 2021
Rudimentary Effection debug API
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// pause
// -- suspend at the next point
// play
// -- unsuspend and you are now free to do
// step
// -- unspend, but suspend at the next point
import { main } from './main';
import { once, Operation } from 'effection';
import { EventEmitter } from 'events';
cowboyd /
Created May 12, 2021
Thoughts on evergreen boiler-plate configuration

Thoughts on evolving project boilerplate

Projects are bootstrapped with templates, and so before we can talk about evolving project boilerplate, we have to first talk about how templates work.

What is a template really?

We can represent the rendering of a template T into an artifact a with the equation

a = T(v)
cowboyd / supervisor.ts
Created Mar 17, 2021
potential supervisor in effection
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import { Task, Operation } from 'effection';
interface SupervisorOptions {
maxConcurrency?: number;
dropMostRecent?: boolean;
const supervisorDefaults = {
maxConcurrency: 1,
dropMostRecent: true
cowboyd / atom-operation-map.ts
Created Feb 18, 2021
map a key-value object to an operation
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export function* map<A>(slice: Slice<Record<string, A>>, operation: (slice: Slice<A>) => Operation<void>): Operation<void> {
let contexts = new Map<string,Context>();
function* synchronize(record: Record<string, A>) {
let keep = new Set<string>();
for (let key of Object.keys(record)) {
if (!contexts.has(key)) {
contexts.set(key, yield spawn(operation(slice.slice(key))))
cowboyd / describe.ts
Created Feb 12, 2021
Hypothetical BDD syntaxt for bigtest that uses generators to build a test tree
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import { Page, TextField, Button, HTML, Heading, including } from '@bigtest/interactor';
import { describe } from '@bigtest/suite/bdd'; //hypothetical bdd syntax entry point
import { createUser } from './helpers';
export default describe("login test", function*() {
yield createUser("cowboyd", "password"); //=> injects `user` into context
yield Page.visit('/sign-in');
yield Heading(including('Sign into app')).exists();
yield describe("with good credentials", function*() {
cowboyd / pipelined-interactors.ts
Created Dec 3, 2020
Hypothetical pipeline syntax for bigtest tests
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import { Page } from 'bigtest';
import { DashboardCard, Heading } from './interactors';
import { test, step, child, createList } from './client-test-helpers';
export default test('Admin UI: Main Dashboard')
|> createList('SomeEntity', 3)
|> Page.visit('/admin/dashboard')
|> Heading("Dashboard").exists()
|> DashboardCard("Stock Entities").exists()
|> child(