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Charles Lowell cowboyd

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View weakrefapi.mri.irb
ruby-1.8.7-p174 > WeakRef.public_instance_methods(false)
=> ["__setobj__", "__getobj__", "weakref_alive?"]
ruby-1.8.7-p174 >
View jquery_test.oputput.txt
Loaded suite /Users/cowboyd/Projects/rdom/test/rdom/jquery_test
Finished in 0.14056 seconds.
1) Failure:
Exception raised:
Class: <V8::JSError>
Message: <"Cannot read property 'addEventListener' of undefined">
View gist:518003
legolas:cucumber cowboyd$ RUBYLIB=/Users/cowboyd/Projects/therubyrhino/lib jruby -S bin/cucumber -v -i examples/v8/features
Using the default profile...
* examples/v8/features/support/env.js
* examples/v8/features/fibonacci.feature
Parsing feature files took 0m0.084s
View object_template_as_function.rb
require 'v8'
include V8::C
print = FunctionTemplate::New() do |arguments|
for i in 0..arguments.Length() - 1
print case arg = arguments[i]
when TrueClass,FalseClass, nil
cowboyd /
Created Oct 29, 2010
Why can't JRuby find it's
public class RubyExtensionFinder extends ExtensionFinder {
public RubyExtensionFinder() {
ScriptingContainer jruby = new ScriptingContainer();
* When run in the maven test suite, this line executes just fine
* but when instantiated by the Hudson server at runtime, gets the
* following error: no such file to load -- builtin/core_ext/symbol
cowboyd /
Created Oct 30, 2010
Why does Hudson only ask for certain extension points?
public class MyExtensionFinder extends ExtensionFinder {
public <T> Collection<ExtensionComponent<T>> find(Class<T> tClass, Hudson hudson) {
System.out.printf("find(%s)\n", tClass.getName());
return new ArrayList<ExtensionComponent<T>>();
View hello_world_builder.mirah
import hudson.Launcher;
import hudson.Extension;
import hudson.util.FormValidation;
import hudson.model.AbstractBuild;
import hudson.model.BuildListener;
import hudson.model.AbstractProject;
import hudson.tasks.Builder;
import hudson.tasks.BuildStepDescriptor;
import net.sf.json.JSONObject;
import org.kohsuke.stapler.DataBoundConstructor;
cowboyd / list.rb
Created Nov 30, 2010
convert native java arraylist to ruby array.
View list.rb
require 'java'
list =
puts list.inspect #=> <Java::JavaUtil::ArrayList:0x7dc21ece>
puts list.to_a.inspect #=> [1, 2]
cowboyd /
Created Dec 3, 2010
try to get a top-level constant
package foo;
import org.jruby.embed.ScriptingContainer;
import org.jruby.embed.LocalContextScope;
import org.jruby.embed.LocalVariableBehavior;
import org.jruby.embed.internal.LocalContext;
public class Fooby {
public static void main(String[] args) {
View gist:735277
A 5 vol% ethanol solution needs to be converted to wt% for the table in the
CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 62nd Ed, pg D-207.
The density of pure alcohol is 0.791 times that of water at 20 C.
Basis 100 ml solution:
alcohol = 5x0.791 = 3.955 grams
water = 95x1.00 = 95.000
Total = 98.955 g
Wt% alcohol = 3.955/98.955 = 0.0400 -> 4.00 wt% alcohol.
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