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Last active Jan 30, 2017

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Get data from, then upload all files in the current directory to an S3 bucket.
Script for uploading all the files in a directory to an S3 bucket.
If this does not work check your permissions to the bucket and that you have your ~/.boto file with access keys.
A few comments are include for generalizing this script.
import os
import boto
# put your bucket name here
bucket = boto.connect_s3().get_bucket('githubarchive-data')
# put the directory you want to upload here. Subdirectories might breake this.
filenames = os.listdir('.')
if '' in filenames: # remove this file if we're in the same directory.
for fn in filenames:
k = bucket.new_key(fn)
# {..} ranges are inclusive, requesting days that don't exist is okay (like 2015-02-30-9.json.gz).
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