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Change log for 2.0.05+
=== 2.0.1 ===
- Event Victini and Deoxys added
- Battle Window improvements (size change, new moves, zoomed in pokemon, animated pokemon sprites, PP count of foe)
- Replay viewer improvement (controls)
- Enable register button on cancelling
- Smogon plugin now integrated in teambuilder
- Pokemon Boxes moved in team menu
- Drag & drop working with pokemon boxes
- PM tray notifications when pokemon online is not active, removed PM flashing
- PM logging fixed
- Fix maximization on startup
- Menu link to themes forum
- Trainer sprites and pokemon icons usable in chat (like pokemon images)
- Fixed layout of find battle window
- Possibility to remove mods
- Updated registry DNS
- Updated Spanish translation
- Updated Chinese translation
- Fix German translation for Mud Bomb/Sludge Wave
- Battle: Fix fury cutter max BP in gen 5
- Battle: Fix Berry juice
- Battle: Confusion is now baton passed
- Battle: Fix cherry berry + natural gift
- Battle: Fix Miracle Skin
- Battle: Timer no longer goes to 0 at end
- Battle: Fix spikes damage for gen 3/4
- RBY: Fix burn lowering attack by 75%, now 50%
- RBY: Fix transform
- RBY: Fix fireblast burn rate
- Fix several crashes
- Fix overactive bans
- new WebServer plugin, allows you to edit configuration through your browser (see web/webserver.html)
-Server: changePokeHp(int id, int team, int slot, int hp);
-Server: changePokeStatus(int id, int team, int slot, int status);
-Server: changePokePP(int id, int team, int slot, int moveslot, int PP);
-Server: teamPokeStat(int id, int team, int slot, int stat);
-Server: teamPokeHp(int id, int team, int slot); //Stat would return total hp
-Server: teamPokeStatus(int id, int team, int slot);
-Server: teamPokePP(int id, int team, int slot, int moveslot);
-Server: pokeBaseStats(int pokenum);
-Server: swapPokemons(int pid, int teamSlot, int slot1, int slot2)
-Server: setTeamToBattleTeam(int pid, int teamSlot, int battleId) (usable only in before battle end event)
-Client: before/afterChallengeReceived(int challengeId, int oppId, QString tier, int clauses)
-Client: sendChallenge(int id, int clauses, int mode)
-Client: acceptChallenge(int cId)
-Client: can now access poke.move(x) in battle scripts (has PP and num attributes)
Other minor fixes
=== 2.0.07 ===
- Trainer items now usable. They need to be added to the battle via scripts
- Important bugs of 2.0.06 fixed
- Pikachu family has proper compatibility for volt tackle movesets
- New lightning rod pikachu (2012 event)
- Misdreavus can learn Inferno just fine
- Prototype for Smogon Sets plugin
- Advanced menu in teambuilder behaves properly (and Options menu added)
- Advanced search's alternate formes load up properly
- Changed new tab to Ctrl+T (like mozilla)
- Missingnos can't be put in boxes anymore
- Battle: Circle Throw / Dragon Tail can't be called by CopyCat
- Battle: Metronome-only doesn't struggle endlessly under Torment anymore
- Battle: Thief/Covet now steal even when koing
- Battle: Fixed bug of combination of Magic Coat & Magic Bounce
- Battle: Poison Touch can't get through a substitute
- RBY: Thrash/Petal Dance fixed
- RBY: Hypnosis has 60 acc
- RBY: Fixed Haze stat changes not taking effect
- GSC: Reversal/Flail don't crit and don't deal random damage
- BW: Assist can't call Nature Power in
- BW: Choice items get stuck even when no target for the attack
- Server: beforeIPConnected() added
- Server: unified script warnings
- Server: sys.battleIds() added
- Server: Scripts only load if no fatal error, otherwise old scripts stay loaded
- Server: Fix SESSION bug
- Server: initScript is a stoppable event now (if stopped, old scripts stay loaded)
- Server: unloadScript event added, for when the scripts unload
- Server: warning(msg) is a stoppable event (for script warnings)
- Server: New timer functions:
-- timerId = setTimer(code, delay, repeats);
-- unsetTimer(timerId);
-- unsetAllTimers();
- Client: sys.version() added
- Client: sys.escapeHtml() added
- Client: sys.beep() added, sys.playSound("xxx.wav") added
- Client: beforeNewMessage() and afterNewMessage() added
=== 2.0.06 ===
- client.changeName() added
- SSL libs included for Auto Updater
- Tip of the Day
- Option to show an exit warning
- Option to toggle flashing
- PM bug fixes
- Logs will automatically save if specified
- Gen 5: Heal Bell fix
- RBY+para+dig glitch fix
- sys.ban() now silent kicks, fix with issue corresponding to tempbans
- New script events
-- beforeBattleMessage(src, message)
-- afterBattleMessage(src, message)
=== 2.0.05 ===
- New BW2 dw moves
- linux: newer libzip no longer required
- Wormadam formes moveset/sprites fixed
- Fixed GSC tradebacks and RSE 200 breeding combinations legality
- Event gligar / surf pikachu + other moves now legal in GSC
- Added GSC berry names & item names
- Windows: Auto updater missing libraries included
- Windows: Warn when updater needs admin permission
- Mac: Sparkle auto updater included!
- New battle window: Rock blast animation added
- New battle window: Tackle, BodySlam, Retaliate, VoltTackle, WildCharge, VCreate, Flame Wheel, Flame Charge, Rollout, Ice Ball, Fissure animations added
- New battle window: Trainer names and time count down added
- New battle window: Sprites problem fixed for most computers, even if the computers without OpenGL shaders won't see the cool status color changes
- New battle window: Close combat animation added
- Teambuilder: Doesn't crash anymore when deleting teams and then editing them
- Teambuilder: Withdrawing a pokemon from a box now updates it in the teambuilder
- Teambuilder: You can select a pokemon by typing its name in the nickname window
- Auth symbols can now be configured in themes
- Updated sprites for GSC/RBY
- Replays now work fine with wifi clause reordering
- In the load team window, if you're online tiers have pop-up completion
- GSC: Pokemon can have more than 0 happiness
- GSC: Hidden power selection in Teambuilder now works fine
- Fixed serious crashes on windows
- When a battler is disconnected, and the opponent waits, there will always be a timeout (the opponent will get the win if they wait)
- Spectators can now see too when a player is stalling (taking more than 30 seconds)
- Unrated battles fixed
- Default tier is in BW2 (instead of BW)
- Wifi battles don't loop if the team is in the wrong gen (just ignored)
- Client sees the cancelled challenge messages
- Battle: Wicked thief doesn't steal items anymore when the pokemon is koed
- Battle: Natural Gift fixed
- Battle: Imposter ditto can't copy foe imposter ditto
- Battle: Memento now fails in gen 5 against a sub or when missing, without fainting the user
- Battle: Magic mirror doesn't prevent anymore the ability user to attack if they bounced something
- Battle: Leppa berries now work for Ditto
- Battle: Pursuit now doesn't work against red card, red card user switches out safely
- RBY: Frozen solid message now sent
- RBY: Super fang does only half damage now (instead of 100% hp)
- RBY: Fixed crit + stat drop resetting stat drops
- RBY: Counter now works properly (it could counter opponent's non-normal moves if they had switched out)
- RBY: Fixed bug when using Substitute with low HP
- RBY: Fixed message bug, "XX is no longer disabled" kept appearing every turn
- GSC: Draining moves now fail against substitutes
- GSC: Double-edge does only 1/4 recoil
- GSC: Encore succeeds even if the opponent was parad the turn before
- Client cannot choose custom new types for hidden power
- Server: Qt.lighter(color, factor=1.5), Qt.darker(color, factor=2.0), Qt.tint(baseColor, transparentTint), Qt.lightness(color) added
- Server: Fixed sys.changeInfo
- Client: new types added: PlayerInfo, QColor, QStringList, UserInfo
- Client: Scripts can now interact with battles
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