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Collin Pasternack cpasternack

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jhazelwo-charter / nginx.conf
Created Oct 3, 2017
NGINX FreeIPA authentication
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worker_processes 4;
pid /app/run/;
error_log /app/log/error.log;
events {
worker_connections 768;
http {
kn9ts /
Last active Dec 14, 2022
GPLv3 explained


TL;DR* Here's what the license entails:

1. Anyone can copy, modify and distribute this software.
2. You have to include the license and copyright notice with each and every distribution.
3. You can use this software privately.
4. You can use this software for commercial purposes.
5. If you dare build your business solely from this code, you risk open-sourcing the whole code base.
eddiejaoude /
Last active Nov 13, 2022
Install Firefox addon/extension with no user interaction
View backup drive contents (dd) to samba share
# From
mount -o username=name,password=secret //server/share backup
dd if=/dev/sda | gzip -c | split -b 638m - backup/backup.img.gz.
# Restoration
cat backup/backup.img.gz.* | gzip -dc | dd of=/dev/sda
earthgecko /
Last active Jan 15, 2023
shell/bash generate random alphanumeric string
# bash generate random alphanumeric string
# bash generate random 32 character alphanumeric string (upper and lowercase) and
NEW_UUID=$(cat /dev/urandom | tr -dc 'a-zA-Z0-9' | fold -w 32 | head -n 1)
# bash generate random 32 character alphanumeric string (lowercase only)
cat /dev/urandom | tr -dc 'a-z0-9' | fold -w 32 | head -n 1
joaopizani / .screenrc
Created May 17, 2012
A killer GNU Screen Config
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# the following two lines give a two-line status, with the current window highlighted
hardstatus alwayslastline
hardstatus string '%{= kG}[%{G}%H%? %1`%?%{g}][%= %{= kw}%-w%{+b yk} %n*%t%?(%u)%? %{-}%+w %=%{g}][%{B}%m/%d %{W}%C%A%{g}]'
# huge scrollback buffer
defscrollback 5000
# no welcome message
startup_message off