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Last active Jul 14, 2022
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A minimal Rust file with no_std for sizecoding (4k, 8k, 64k, etc)
#![feature(core_intrinsics, lang_items, link_args, alloc, alloc_error_handler)]
extern "C" {}
extern crate alloc;
use alloc::boxed::Box;
use core::alloc::{GlobalAlloc, Layout};
use core::hint::unreachable_unchecked;
use winapi::um::heapapi::{GetProcessHeap, HeapAlloc, HeapFree};
use winapi::um::processthreadsapi::ExitProcess;
struct SystemAllocator;
unsafe impl GlobalAlloc for SystemAllocator {
unsafe fn alloc(&self, layout: Layout) -> *mut u8 {
HeapAlloc(GetProcessHeap(), 0, layout.size()) as *mut _
unsafe fn dealloc(&self, ptr: *mut u8, _layout: Layout) {
// tbh in a 64k or lower you could probably get away with just leaking memory here
HeapFree(GetProcessHeap(), 0, ptr as *mut _);
static ALLOC: SystemAllocator = SystemAllocator;
pub extern "C" fn panic(_info: &PanicInfo) -> ! {
// A small trick that can save some size - tell the optimizer that this point is unreachable,
// thereby allowing it to assume branches that panic never actually happen, which they
// shouldn't in a release build. Obviously very unsafe, so you probably don't want this in
// debug builds.
unsafe {
fn error_handler(_: core::alloc::Layout) -> ! {
// Same as above
unsafe {
#[lang = "eh_personality"]
extern "C" fn eh_personality() {}
fn exit_process(exit_code: u32) -> ! {
unsafe {
pub unsafe extern "C" fn WinMainCRTStartup() -> i32 {
// Do some stuff
// Note: returning from this function won't actually end the process, we need to call ExitProcess explicitly:
// Resolves a linker error when floating points are used
pub static _fltused: i32 = 1;
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