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[C++] Custom stream delimiters
struct delimiter_ctype : std::ctype<char> {
static const mask* make_table(std::string delims) {
// make a copy of the "C" locale table
static std::vector<mask> v(classic_table(), classic_table() + table_size);
for(mask m : v) {
m &= ~space;
for(char d : delims) {
v[d] |= space;
return &v[0];
delimiter_ctype(std::string delims, ::size_t refs = 0)
: ctype(make_table(delims), false, refs) {}
void foo() {
std::string line;
std::stringstream ssline;
ssline.imbue(std::locale(ssline.getloc(),new delimiter_ctype(",")));
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