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Monitor Mouse Event for any arbitrary application on macOS in Swift
let callback: CGEventTapCallBack = { (tapProxy, eventType, event, refcon) -> Unmanaged<CGEvent>? in
debugPrint("we are monitoring the mouse event here")
return nil
let eventMask = (1 << CGEventType.leftMouseDown.rawValue) | (1 << CGEventType.leftMouseUp.rawValue)
let machPort = CGEvent.tapCreateForPid(pid: 40529, place: .tailAppendEventTap, options: .defaultTap, eventsOfInterest: CGEventMask(eventMask), callback: callback, userInfo: nil)!
let runLoopSource = CFMachPortCreateRunLoopSource(kCFAllocatorDefault, machPort, 0)
CFRunLoopAddSource(CFRunLoopGetCurrent(), runLoopSource, .commonModes)
CGEvent.tapEnable(tap: machPort, enable: true)
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