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Created June 8, 2019 22:56
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Decorating Command Line Output With DefaultStringInterpolation
enum ASCIIColor: String {
case black = "\u{001B}[0;30m"
case red = "\u{001B}[0;31m"
case green = "\u{001B}[0;32m"
case yellow = "\u{001B}[0;33m"
case blue = "\u{001B}[0;34m"
case magenta = "\u{001B}[0;35m"
case cyan = "\u{001B}[0;36m"
case white = "\u{001B}[0;37m"
case `default` = "\u{001B}[0;0m"
extension DefaultStringInterpolation {
mutating func appendInterpolation<T: CustomStringConvertible>(_ value: T, color: ASCIIColor) {
// "\("only this string will be green!", color: .green)"
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It does not work for me (XCode 13, Swift 5.5)

I have this in consol:
�[0;32monly this string will be green!�[0;0m

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