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Created Sep 23, 2021
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.csv file that breaks Planning Poker import
We can make this file beautiful and searchable if this error is corrected: Illegal quoting in line 3.
Issue Key,Summary,Description,Acceptance Criteria,Story Points
59,Traction :: August-Sept :: 1,000 @ signs ,,,1
90,WEquil school - 'What is an @ sign?" video for kids.,,,5
82,Geeky Ants/Shris @ sign Campaign,,,2
49,Runtime youtube Series (3mins or less videos),,,5
81, Ham Radio Campaign,,,3
75,Back2School College Hackathon Initiative,,,5
84, / Performance & Speed Optimizations,,,2
22, 2.0 - Need videos, quotes and testimonials from our Developer/Appathoner community for the Dev site. This can also be repurposed for Social Media and other forums.,,,1
87,Ham Radio and @ article,,,1
91,Riipen joint press release and blog post,,,2
94,Sept final stretch for @signs,,,2
95,She Code Africa Campaign,,,2
93,Update language in @ app design mockups,,,2
96,Tech(K)now day October Prep,,,2
97,DroidCon London October 28-29,,,2
98,Hacktoberfest Kick-off and Promotions,,,2
99,@wavi contest,,,5
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