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Custom Chef bootstrap for Windows
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require 'winrm'
endpoint = "http://#{IP}:5985/wsman"
winrm = endpoint, :plaintext, user: USER, pass: 'secret', basic_auth_only: true
winrm.set_timeout 1800
installer_file = "c:\\Users\\#{USER}\\Downloads\\chef_client.msi"
installer_cmd = "msiexec /qn /i #{installer_file} ADDLOCAL=\"ChefServiceFeature,ChefClientFeature\""
puts 'Installating Chef'
install_output = winrm.cmd installer_cmd
sleep 300
puts 'Configuring Chef'
winrm.cmd %Q(mv c:\\Users\\#{USER}\\Downloads\\client.rb c:\\chef\\client.rb)
winrm.cmd %Q(mv c:\\Users\\#{USER}\\Downloads\\chef-validator.pem c:\\chef\\validation.pem)
winrm.cmd 'net start chef-client || net start chef-client'
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