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Last active Dec 14, 2018
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Whoosh matching of jams dump to MSD
import whoosh
import whoosh.fields
import whoosh.index
import whoosh.analysis
import whoosh.qparser
# Path to a whoosh index of the Million Song Dataset.
# You'll need to create one of these if you don't have one already, as an
# example see
MSD_INDEX = '/home/craffel/projects/midi-dataset-cqt/data/msd/index/'
# Path to the jams.tsv file, get it from
JAMS_TSV_PATH = 'archive/jams.tsv'
# Path to the output match TSV file
OUTPUT_TSV = 'jam_to_msd.tsv'
def search(searcher, schema, artist, title, threshold=26):
''' Find matches with a score above a certain threshold in a whoosh index.
# Convert arguments to unicode
if type(artist) != unicode:
artist = unicode(artist, encoding='utf-8')
if type(title) != unicode:
title = unicode(title, encoding='utf-8')
# Construct a query parser for the whoosh index
arparser = whoosh.qparser.QueryParser('artist', schema)
tiparser = whoosh.qparser.QueryParser('title', schema)
q = whoosh.query.And([arparser.parse(artist), tiparser.parse(title)])
# Get whoosh results
results =
if len(results) > 0:
# If there were any results, return the ones with a score above the
# provided threshold
return [[r['track_id'], r['artist'], r['title']] for r in results if
r.score > threshold]
# If there were no results, return an empty list
return []
if __name__ == '__main__':
# Load in the jams tsv file
with open(JAMS_TSV_PATH) as f:
# Parse each line in the file
jams = [line.strip().split('\t') for line in f]
# Remove header row
jams = jams[1:]
# Load in the whoosh index
msd_index = whoosh.index.open_dir(MSD_INDEX)
# Open the output tsv file for writing
with open(OUTPUT_TSV, 'wb') as jam_to_msd_tsv:
# Open a searcher object from the index
with msd_index.searcher() as searcher:
# Match each jam entry
for jam in jams:
# Extract artist and title from the jam entry
artist, title = jam[2:4]
# Match this artist and title against the MSD
results = search(searcher, msd_index.schema, artist, title)
# Write out each result to the output TSV file
for result in results:
'{}\t{}\n'.format(jam[0], result[0]))
print u"{}: {} - {} -> {} - {}".format(
result[0], result[1], result[2], artist, title)
except Exception as e:
print "Error: {}, jam={}".format(e, jam)
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