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Wrapper around requestIdleCallback to wait for a minimum work budget
* Delays calling the given function until the browser is notifying us
* about a certain minimum budget or the timeout is reached.
* @param {!Window} win
* @param {number} startTime When we started waiting for idle.
* @param {number} minimumTimeRemaining Minimum number of millis idle
* budget for callback to fire.
* @param {number} timeout in millis for callback to fire.
* @param {function()} fn Callback.
export function onIdle(win, startTime, minimumTimeRemaining, timeout, fn) {
win.requestIdleCallback(info => {
if (info.timeRemaining() < minimumTimeRemaining) {
const now =;
const remainingTimeout = timeout - (now - startTime);
if (remainingTimeout <= 0 || info.didTimeout) {
} else {
onIdle(win, now, minimumTimeRemaining, remainingTimeout, fn);
} else {
}, {
timeout: timeout,
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