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Last active August 23, 2020 04:37
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semantic web best answer

How can I express additional information (time, probability) about a relation in RDF?

What does “reify” and “reification” mean in relation to RDF?

Is it possible to make property assertions on class level in OWL 2?

OWL, adding a property to all instances of a class

How can I restrict a data property to an exact value in Protege OWL 2?

How do I get a Negative Object Property Assertion inferred?

How to describe an ontology to infer wheather two individuals are the same or not

In Semantic Web, are OWL EL, RL, QL all instances of DL? What is the difference? More inside

Ontology vs vocabulary

What is the purpose of SWRL rules?

OWL Property Restrictions vs. SHACL

Why is OWL Full undecidable?

RDF Graph Entailment

Sparql query with Blank node can be complex

Measuring distances among classes in RDF/OWL graphs

units of measurement in owl and rdf

how to put integer “range” in OWL literal value?

in turtle or RDF can I add a predicate/object on all subjects that match a criteria?

Representing complicated sentences using RDF syntax

How can I represent a 5-tuple in RDF?

Multiple domain and range in objectProperty?

What's the difference between skos:ConceptScheme and skos:Collection?

OWL how can I know if something should be class or instance?

owl protege how can I describe a class that has just some properties?

Why use owl:Restriction as own:EquivalenceClass's property?

Explanation for reification in RDF

Is property with exact cardinality one functional?

Can owl:class and owl:restriction be removed from restriction class definitions?

Multiple SPARQL “INSERT WHERE” queries in a single request

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