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Quantum Random Sweepstakes
ENV IQSHARP_HOSTING_ENV=sckaiser-azure-community-live
# Make sure the contents of our repo are in ${HOME}.
# These steps are required for use on
USER root
RUN chown -R ${USER} ${HOME}
RUN pip install rise
# Finish by dropping back to the notebook user.
// Copyright (c) Sarah Kaiser. All rights reserved.
// Licensed under the MIT License.
namespace Sweepstakes {
open Microsoft.Quantum.Intrinsic;
open Microsoft.Quantum.Canon;
open Microsoft.Quantum.Measurement;
open Microsoft.Quantum.Arithmetic;
open Microsoft.Quantum.Math;
/// # Summary
/// This operation uses a register of qubits in superposition to select
/// a random integer in a range {0, numPlayers-1}.
/// # Input
/// ## numPlayers
/// The number of participants in the random drawing.
/// # Output
/// An `Int` that represents the index of the player that has won the
/// sweepstakes.
/// # Remarks
/// ## Example
/// ```Q#
/// // You need to pick one of 7 viewers of your stream to send them
/// // a present! 🎁
/// let winnerIndex = SelectWinner(7);
/// ```
operation SelectWinner(numPlayers : Int) : Int {
// Calculate number of qubits needed to store the number of players.
let numQubits = BitSizeI(numPlayers);
// Setup the variable that will track the result.
mutable result = 0;
// This repeat block is needed because unless the number of players is
// a power of two, you could get a result that does not index a player.
// Since there is no fair way to reuse those spare values, we just try
// again until we get a random index that does represent a player.
repeat {
// Prepare a register of qubits
using (register = Qubit[numQubits]) {
// Put all of the qubits in superposition with the `H` operation.
ApplyToEach(H, register);
// Measure and interpret as an integer.
set result = MeasureInteger(LittleEndian(register));
// Make sure the result corresponds to the index of a player.
} until(result < numPlayers);
// Return the winning player!
return result;
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