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Interesting code to bridge classic constructor objects with my pure prototype objects
var Class = require('./class');
// This global modifier allows you to treat constructor based classes as if
// they were prototype based.
// Define an extend method for constructor functions that works like prototype extends.
Object.defineProperty(Function.prototype, "extend", {value: function extend(obj) {
// Clone the functions's prototype
var props = {}, proto = this.prototype;
Object.getOwnPropertyNames(proto).forEach(function (key) {
props[key] = Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor(proto, key);
// Put the constructor on a prop too
props.constructor = {value: this};
// Make obj's parent be an Classy version of props
if (obj === undefined) return Object.create(Class, props);
obj.__proto__ = Object.create(Class, props);
return obj;
// This is the "new" keyword implemented in pure ES5
// I added sealing on top of what "new" does
Object.defineProperty(Function.prototype, "new", {value: function () {
var obj = Object.create(this.prototype, {constructor: this});
var result = this.apply(obj, arguments);
return result === undefined ? obj : result;
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