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Last active Nov 27, 2017
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A tiny generator helper for consuming callback code directly
function run(generator) {
var iterator = generator(resume);
var data = null, yielded = false;;
yielded = true;
function check() {
while (data && yielded) {
var err = data[0], item = data[1];
data = null;
yielded = false;
if (err) return iterator.throw(err);
yielded = true;
function resume() {
data = arguments;
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creationix commented Jun 11, 2013

Another example showing it can withstand sync callbacks without blowing the stack

function decr(x, callback) {
  return callback(null, x - 1);

run(function*(resume) {
  var x = 10000;
  while (x) {
    x = yield decr(x, resume);

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bevacqua commented Mar 8, 2014

I know this is super old but to anyone looking into generators now, iterator.send(item) should now be

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