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Quick fix for migration from RLv2b7 to RLv2b8, see
package robotlegs.bender.extensions.migration{
import org.swiftsuspenders.Injector;
import org.swiftsuspenders.dependencyproviders.DependencyProvider;
import robotlegs.bender.framework.api.IExtension;
import robotlegs.bender.framework.api.IInjector;
public class MapInjectorExtension implements IExtension{
public function extend(context:IContext):void{
const injector : IInjector = context.injector;
const injectorProvider: DependencyProvider = injector.getMapping(IInjector).getProvider();;

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@creynders creynders commented Jun 5, 2013

Just install this after installing the MVCSBundle, but before any of your own configs etc. and everything will work as before

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