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import os
import unittest
from airflow.models import DagBag
class TestDags(unittest.TestCase):
Generic tests that all DAGs in the repository should be able to pass.
def _get_dagbag(self):
dag_folder = os.getenv('AIRFLOW_DAGS', False)
'AIRFLOW_DAGS must be set to a folder that has DAGs in it.')
return DagBag(dag_folder=dag_folder, include_examples=False)
def test_dagbag_import(self):
Verify that Airflow will be able to import all DAGs in the repository.
dagbag = self._get_dagbag()
'There should be no DAG failures. Got: {}'.format(dagbag.import_errors))
def test_dagbag_emails(self):
Check that every DAG has a known email in the email list, and a valid
owner, so we know which team owns which DAG.
dagbag = self._get_dagbag()
for dag_id, dag in dagbag.dags.items():
tasks_with_email_cnt = 0
for task in dag.tasks:
self._check_owner(task.owner, dag_id, task.task_id)
self._check_email(, dag_id, task.task_id)
tasks_with_email_cnt += 1
if 'owner' in dag.default_args:
self._check_owner(dag.default_args.get('owner', False), dag_id)
if 'email' in dag.default_args:
self._check_email(dag.default_args.get('email', False), dag_id)
self.assertTrue(tasks_with_email_cnt == len(dag.tasks) or dag.default_args.get('email', False), \
'Either all tasks or default_args must have email set: {}'.format(dag_id))
def _check_owner(self, owner, dag_id, task_id=False):
# Check owner against valid owner list.
error_msg = 'DAG must have a valid owner ({}) defined: dag_id={}, task_id={}' \
.format(self.VALID_DAG_OWNERS, dag_id, task_id)
self.assertTrue(owner in self.VALID_DAG_OWNERS, error_msg)
def _check_email(self, email, dag_id, task_id=False):
# Airflow allows both a single email, as well as a list.
emails = email if isinstance(email, list) else [email]
error_msg = 'DAG must have a valid email ({}) defined: dag_id={}, task_id={}' \
.format(self.VALID_DAG_EMAILS, dag_id, task_id)
self.assertEqual(len(self.VALID_DAG_EMAILS.intersection(emails)), len(emails), error_msg)

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@ededdneddyfan ededdneddyfan commented Apr 30, 2018

Thank you for this!!!!

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