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Missing singular placeholder, needed for some languages. See
Replace in comments.php:
printf( _nx( 'One comment', 'Comments: %1$s', get_comments_number(), 'comments title', 'urbanpointwp' ), number_format_i18n( get_comments_number() ), '<span>' . get_the_title() . '</span>' );
$comments_number = get_comments_number();
if ( '1' === $comments_number ) {
/* translators: %s: post title */
printf( _x( 'One Reply to &ldquo;%s&rdquo;', 'comments title', 'urbanpointwp' ), get_the_title() );
} else {
/* translators: 1: number of comments, 2: post title */
'%1$s Reply to &ldquo;%2$s&rdquo;',
'%1$s Replies to &ldquo;%2$s&rdquo;',
'comments title',
number_format_i18n( $comments_number ),
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