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Created Jul 8, 2014
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print python source code
import subprocess
import os
START_DIR = '' # replace with your directory
DEST_DIR = '' # replace with your directory
CMD = 'enscript -1rG --line-numbers --highlight=python -p - --color=0 {} | pstopdf -i -o {}.pdf'
def print_source_code():
for dirname, subdirs, filenames in os.walk(START_DIR):
if 'env' in subdirs:
del subdirs[subdirs.index('env')]
if '.git' in subdirs:
del subdirs[subdirs.index('.git')]
for f in filenames:
if f.endswith('.py'):
name = os.path.join(dirname, f)
comm = CMD.format(name, os.path.join(DEST_DIR, '-'.join(name.split('/')[1:])))
try:, shell=True)
except Exception as e:
print e
print 'ERROR: ' + comm
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