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Carmine Paolino crmne

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View configure_output.txt
$ ./configure
You have bazel 0.7.0-homebrew installed.
Please specify the location of python. [Default is /usr/bin/python]: /usr/local/bin/python3
Found possible Python library paths:
Please input the desired Python library path to use. Default is [/usr/local/Cellar/python3/3.6.3/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/3.6/lib/python3.6/site-packages]
Do you wish to build TensorFlow with Google Cloud Platform support? [Y/n]:
View tensorflow140_mac1013_cuda.patch
diff --git a/tensorflow/core/kernels/ b/tensorflow/core/kernels/
index 0f7adaf24a..355584456b 100644
--- a/tensorflow/core/kernels/
+++ b/tensorflow/core/kernels/
@@ -69,7 +69,7 @@ __global__ void concat_variable_kernel(
IntType num_inputs = input_ptr_data.size;
// verbose declaration needed due to template
- extern __shared__ __align__(sizeof(T)) unsigned char smem[];
+ extern __shared__ unsigned char smem[];
View .pre-commit-config.yaml
- repo: git://
sha: master
- id: trailing-whitespace
- id: autopep8-wrapper
- id: check-added-large-files
- id: check-ast
language_version: python3.4
- id: check-case-conflict
- id: check-docstring-first
crmne / .spacemacs
Created Nov 22, 2015
my .spacemacs file
View .spacemacs
;; -*- mode: emacs-lisp -*-
;; This file is loaded by Spacemacs at startup.
;; It must be stored in your home directory.
(defun dotspacemacs/layers ()
"Configuration Layers declaration.
You should not put any user code in this function besides modifying the variable
;; Base distribution to use. This is a layer contained in the directory
crmne /
Last active Oct 17, 2018
A solution to the lack of UI for Dash's user docsets in Zeal. Uses Python 3 and easygui (pip3 install easygui)
import os
import json
import tarfile
import urllib.request
import easygui
import configparser
user_docsets_url = ''
app_title = 'Download Zeal user docsets'
View marsyas-doc-improved.patch
commit 3762f3baeef518496d8c04b9d44836bc7ec85c81
Author: gperciva <gperciva@0e98fd9d-079e-457f-9c5c-d482923f975d>
Date: Fri Feb 1 00:30:39 2013 +0000
Improve doc building
git-svn-id: svn+ssh:// 0e98fd9d-079e-457f-9c5c-d482923f975d
diff --git a/doc/CMakeLists.txt b/doc/CMakeLists.txt
crmne / SafariPowerSaverWhitelister.scpt
Created May 12, 2014
A tool to add websites to Safari Power Saver's whitelist.
View SafariPowerSaverWhitelister.scpt
on number_to_string(this_number)
set this_number to this_number as string
if this_number contains "E+" then
set x to the offset of "," in this_number
set y to the offset of "+" in this_number
set z to the offset of "E" in this_number
set the decimal_adjust to characters (y - (length of this_number)) thru ¬
-1 of this_number as string as number
if x is not 0 then
set the first_part to characters 1 thru (x - 1) of this_number as string
crmne / iTunes - Current Track.scpt
Created May 11, 2014
Gets the name, artist and album of the current playing track in iTunes and passes it to Launchbar. Very useful to search the current track in Google, Discogs, and the likes.
View iTunes - Current Track.scpt
on replace_chars(this_text, search_string, replacement_string)
set AppleScript's text item delimiters to the search_string
set the item_list to every text item of this_text
set AppleScript's text item delimiters to the replacement_string
set this_text to the item_list as string
set AppleScript's text item delimiters to ""
return this_text
end replace_chars
set myTrack to ""
crmne / Convert Currency.scpt
Last active Apr 13, 2018
Converts currencies using Google Finance. Created specifically for LaunchBar, just put it in `~/Library/Application Support/LaunchBar/Actions`. It accepts input in this form: `<amount> <from currency> […] <to currency>`. So for example all of those strings will result in the same conversion: "60 gbp to eur" "60 gbp in eur" "60 gbp eur". It will …
View Convert Currency.scpt
on parse_input_string(theString)
set AppleScript's text item delimiters to " "
set theFromAmount to text item 1 of theString as text
if length of text items of theString is greater than 1 then
set theFromCurrency to text item 2 of theString as text
set theToCurrency to text item -1 of theString as text
set currenciesGiven to true
set theFromCurrency to "USD"
set theToCurrency to "EUR"
crmne / Google Translate.scpt
Last active May 15, 2018
UPDATE: I made a LaunchBar 6 action that you can find here: Make sure to enable Accessibility for LaunchBar, and "Allow Javascript from Apple Events" in Safari's Develop menu. -- Translates text using Google Translate in Safari. It gracefully handles large text, which is impossible with just…
View Google Translate.scpt
on safari_is_ready(docNum, interval)
tell application "Safari"
do JavaScript "document.readyState" in document docNum
set readyState to result
set finishedLoading to (source of document docNum contains "</html>")
if finishedLoading and readyState is "Complete" then exit repeat
end try
end tell
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