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Alex Crocker crock

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crock /
Last active Mar 5, 2019
Simple Python script to run a specific EXE in a loop while providing different arguments per iteration (Requires Python 3.6+)
#!/usr/bin/env python3
# Copyright 2019
# Alex Crocker -
import os
import platform
import subprocess
from argparse import ArgumentParser, RawDescriptionHelpFormatter
import glob
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ProjectName @parallel(true) @autodone(false)
- TaskName @parallel(true) @autodone(false) @context(context) @tags(context) @due(Adjusted Date)
"Task notes can go here"
import requests #
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup #
def check(name):
Function to check the availability of a specific Steam ID.
session = requests.Session() # Initilzes a new session object from the requests module
matches = [] # Creates an empty list to hold our match objects
requestUrl = "" % name # Creates a variable to hold our request url which should be the url to the Steam profile page
import re
class Filters(object):
config = {}
def __init__(self, obj):
self.config = obj
crock / accorelib.js
Last active Feb 15, 2018
My personal collection of utility functions for JavaScript (ES6)
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class accorelib {
debug(message) {
console.log("[DEBUG] " + message)
crock /
Last active Feb 15, 2018
My personal collection of utility functions for Python
import string
import random
class accorelib:
"""My personal collection of utility functions"""
def __init__(self):
print("accorelib initialized...")
def debug(self, message):
crock / accorelib.php
Last active Feb 15, 2018
My personal collection of utility functions for PHP
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class accorelib {
* Prints out contents of variable surrounded with <pre> tags for easier analysis
* @param [Any] $variable - the variable to print out to page
* @return void
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set nocompatible
filetype off
filetype plugin indent on
syntax on
" Sets Vim shell to bash
set shell=/bin/zsh
" Sets undo directory
set undodir=~/.vim/undo
crock / 1-1000.txt
Created Aug 29, 2017 — forked from deekayen/1-1000.txt
1,000 most common US English words
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