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Last active June 8, 2018 07:03
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Install openproject plugins using the debian package

Let's say you wanted to install this plugin: Here is how you would do it with the openproject version packaged at

cat >> /opt/openproject/Gemfile.plugins <<EOF
gem "openproject-plugins", :git => "", :branch => "stable"
gem "openproject-meeting", :git => "", :branch => "stable"
sudo apt-get install -y git
sudo openproject run bundle install --no-deployment
sudo openproject run rake db:migrate
sudo openproject run rake assets:precompile
sudo service openproject restart

The plugins should now appear in the openproject UI.

Note that you will probably need to redo a sudo openproject run bundle install --no-deployment on each upgrade of the openproject package.

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tessi commented Apr 8, 2014

Thanks @crohr for caring :)

sudo openproject run rake assets:precompile

is missing and there might be more steps to do depending on the plugin (but they should be listedin the plugin's readme). Apart from that your steps run without problems on my machine 👍

If you have edited the openproject setup, please take extra care when updating the openproject core. Currently, it is not possible for me to test a new OpenProject build with all combinations of all plugins.

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crohr commented Apr 8, 2014

Also added sudo service openproject restart to the mix.

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Can you add a documentation how to remove a plugin?

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ghost commented Jul 18, 2014

i have this error: fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git
the .git's directory are in the gems directory... how can i fix it?

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crohr commented Jul 24, 2014

@EZTEQ remove the line from Gemfile.plugins, then run the same commands.

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kgalli commented Sep 29, 2014

@EZTEQ you should probably also run the down migrations of the plugins you want to remove. Unfortunately that has to be done manually.

rake db:migrate:down VERSION=migration_version_number_here

So if you have a migration called: 20140208031122_create_docouments.rb then the version is 20140208031122.

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eudoxos commented Jan 7, 2015

I am having the same pb as @ciuino. What's the solution to that one?

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