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Cloudinary signature generation, in Swift-- using the CryptoSwift Cocoapod for SHA1 hash.
/* Experimenting with creating a signature to make it easier to do the server-side development.
// The optional timestamp is for testing this method-- this should be a UNIX timestamp with no trailing decimals-- i.e., just an integer number.
// Don't use "public_id" or "timestamp" as keys in otherParams if you give it.
func createSignature(publicId: String, apiSecret: String, otherParams: [String: Any]? = nil, timestamp: String? = nil) -> (signature: String, timestamp: String)? {
// 1) Set up the parameters we're going to use in the signing.
var params = [String: Any]()
if let otherParams = otherParams {
for (key, value) in otherParams {
params[key] = value
params["public_id"] = publicId
// "UNIX" timestamp
if let timestamp = timestamp {
params["timestamp"] = timestamp
} else {
params["timestamp"] = "\(Int(Date().timeIntervalSince1970))"
// 2) Sort the keys-- Cloudinary relies on the keys being sorted in ascending order before generating the signature.
let sortedKeys = params.keys.sorted(by: <)
var toSign:String = ""
// 3) Set up the key=value pairs, with intervening "&" between pairs, for signing
for key in sortedKeys {
if toSign.length > 0 {
toSign += "&"
let value = params[key]!
toSign += "\(key)=\(value)"
// 4) Cloudinary signature generation relies on the secret being appended to this sequence of key value pairs.
toSign += apiSecret
guard let toSignData = .utf8) else {
Log.error("Failed converting string to data.")
return nil
// 5) Generate the SHA1 hash.
let signedData = toSignData.sha1()
return (signedData.toHexString(), params["timestamp"] as! String)
func testSignatureCreation() {
/* From:
Sanity check - Signing the following string:
where `abcd` is the api_secret, should result with the following signature:
let expectedResult = "b4ad47fb4e25c7bf5f92a20089f9db59bc302313"
guard let (signature, _) = createSignature(publicId: "sample_image", apiSecret: "abcd", timestamp: "1315060510") else {
XCTAssert(expectedResult == signature)
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