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@crstn crstn/voronoi.r
Created Jan 17, 2018

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This is a small fix of Carson Farmer's Voronoi Polygons function ( which also copies the input points layer's CRS string over to the output polygons.
voronoipolygons = function(layer) {
crds = layer@coords
z = deldir(crds[,1], crds[,2])
w = tile.list(z)
polys = vector(mode='list', length=length(w))
for (i in seq(along=polys)) {
pcrds = cbind(w[[i]]$x, w[[i]]$y)
pcrds = rbind(pcrds, pcrds[1,])
polys[[i]] = Polygons(list(Polygon(pcrds)), ID=as.character(i))
SP = SpatialPolygons(polys, proj4string = layer@proj4string)
voronoi = SpatialPolygonsDataFrame(SP,
data = data.frame(x=crds[,1],
row.names=sapply(slot(SP, 'polygons'),
function(x) slot(x, 'ID'))))
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