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Created Oct 17, 2014
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Sonos Now Playing


A Dashing widget that searches for a Sonos device that is currently playing music, and displays Now Playing information and album artwork.

Utilises soffe's Sonos controller.


Please add the following lines to your gemfile:

require 'rubygems'
require 'sonos'


Place sonos.rb in /jobs.

Edit your dashboard and add these widgets:

<li data-row="1" data-col="1" data-sizex="1" data-sizey="1">
  <div data-id="nowplaying" data-view="Text" data-title="NOW PLAYING" data-text="Artist - Track"></div>

<li data-row="1" data-col="1" data-sizex="1" data-sizey="1">
  <div data-id="albumart" data-view="Image" data-title="Album Name"></div>



require 'rubygems'
require 'sonos'
def send_transport_message(name, player, part = '<Speed>1</Speed>')
@transport_client ||= Savon.client endpoint: "http://#{player.ip}:#{Sonos::PORT}#{TRANSPORT_ENDPOINT}", namespace: Sonos::NAMESPACE, log: Sonos.logging_enabled
action = "#{TRANSPORT_XMLNS}##{name}"
message = %Q{<u:#{name} xmlns:u="#{TRANSPORT_XMLNS}"><InstanceID>0</InstanceID>#{part}</u:#{name}>}, soap_action: action, message: message)
# Get information about the currently playing track.
# @return [Hash] information about the current track.
def get_now_playing(player)
return nil if player == nil
response = send_transport_message('GetPositionInfo', player)
body = response.body[:get_position_info_response]
doc = Nokogiri::XML(body[:track_meta_data])
# No music
return nil if doc.children.length == 0
art_path = doc.xpath('//upnp:albumArtURI').inner_text
# TODO: No idea why this is necessary. Maybe its a Nokogiri thing
art_path.sub!('/getaa?s=1=x-sonos-http', '/getaa?s=1&u=x-sonos-http')
title: doc.xpath('//dc:title').inner_text,
artist: doc.xpath('//dc:creator').inner_text,
album: doc.xpath('//upnp:album').inner_text,
info: doc.xpath('//r:streamContent').inner_text,
queue_position: body[:track],
track_duration: body[:track_duration],
current_position: body[:rel_time],
uri: body[:track_uri],
album_art: "http://#{player.ip}:#{Sonos::PORT}#{art_path}"
TRANSPORT_ENDPOINT = '/MediaRenderer/AVTransport/Control'
TRANSPORT_XMLNS = 'urn:schemas-upnp-org:service:AVTransport:1'
system =
player = nil
system.speakers.each do |speaker|
if speaker.is_playing?
player = speaker
SCHEDULER.every '10s' do
metadata = get_now_playing(player)
if metadata and player
send_event("albumart", { image: metadata[:album_art] })
send_event("nowplaying", { text: metadata[:artist] + ' - ' + metadata[:title], moreinfo: })
elsif player
send_event("albumart", { image: 'assets/sonoslogo.png' })
send_event("nowplaying", { text: "Nothing playing in " + })
send_event("albumart", { image: 'assets/sonoslogo.png' })
send_event("nowplaying", { text: "Unable to connect to any player" })
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wpeterw commented Nov 10, 2014

It does not display the albumart. When I look at the properties of the, broken, image I see that the url looks like: http://ipofthedasboard/assets/hhtp://sonosplayerip/etcetc/.. How do i strip the first part from this url ? (the part after /assets/ points to the correct location).

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crummy commented Nov 11, 2014

What service are you playing from?

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wpeterw commented Nov 11, 2014

I'm playing from Deezer. The albumart url is correct but "somewhere" it is prefixed with the url to the dashing server:

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crummy commented Nov 11, 2014

Ah, I forgot I tweaked the image widget. You can fix this by editing image.html and removing prepend '/assets' or adding another widget, identical to the existing image widget but for that change, and use that instead.

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fliptrocity commented Sep 3, 2015

Any insight on how I can get this to point to a specific bridge rather than it picking a random one on the network?

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stigert commented Mar 7, 2019

This isn't working for me. The dashboard won't load at all after installing this

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