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Fuel Project Update File
cd ~/htdocs/fuelphp
git checkout $1
echo 'start updating repository to master branch'
echo 'update fuel'
cd ~/htdocs/fuel/fuel
git checkout $1
echo 'update fuel-core'
cd ~/htdocs/fuel/core
git checkout $1
echo 'update fuel-oil'
cd ~/htdocs/fuel/oil
git checkout $1
echo 'update fuel-hybrid'
cd ~/htdocs/fuel/hybrid
git checkout $1
echo 'update fuel-orm'
cd ~/htdocs/fuel/orm
git checkout $1
echo 'copy all core files'
cd ~/htdocs/fuelphp/
cp -f ../fuel/fuel/oil ./
cp -f ../fuel/fuel/*.md ./
cp -Rf ../fuel/fuel/public/ public/
cp -Rf ../fuel/fuel/fuel/app/ fuel/app/
cp -Rf ../fuel/core/* fuel/core/
echo 'copy all package files'
cp -Rf ../fuel/orm/* fuel/packages/orm
cp -Rf ../fuel/oil/* fuel/packages/oil
cp -Rf ../fuel/hybrid/* fuel/packages/hybrid
echo 'copy all docs files'
cp -Rf ../fuel/docs/* docs
echo 'delete all .git files'
rm -f .gitmodules
rm -f fuel/core/.gitignore
rm -Rf fuel/core/.git
rm -f fuel/packages/orm/.gitignore
rm -Rf fuel/packages/orm/.git
rm -f fuel/packages/oil/.gitignore
rm -Rf fuel/packages/oil/.git
rm -f fuel/packages/hybrid/.gitignore
rm -Rf fuel/packages/hybrid/.git
rm -f fuel/docs/.gitignore
rm -Rf fuel/docs/.git
rm -f fuel/app/config/crypt.php
cd ~/htdocs/fuelphp
git status
git commit -a -m 'Update all'
git add *
git commit -a -m 'Add news file'
git push origin $1
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